Last Chance for Campaign Finance for New Mexico in 2017

Last Chance for New Mexico Campaign Finance Reform in 2017


Please take a minute, take out your cell phone, call New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez at 505-476-220 and tell her to sign SB 96 and require “dark money” political groups to disclose their donors.


If Gov. Martinez does not sign the bill by Friday, the bill will die on her desk – and she will be responsible for killing it.


SB 96 passed both the House and the Senate by overwhelming, bipartisan majorities.  If Gov. Martinez signs it, it will become law.  If she doesn’t sign it, it won’t.


Right now, candidates, political parties, and regular PACs are required to report their contributors and expenditures. But SuperPACS – which can take unlimited donations – are exempt from disclosure requirements.  SB 96 will close that loophole.


Right now, the groups that are spending the most money to influence state government can operate in complete secrecy.  SB 96 will end that.


If Gov. Martinez signs the bill.


This is exactly the type of reform that nine-out-of-ten New Mexico voters said they want, in the 2017 Common Cause survey.  It’s the type of reform that nine-out-of-ten voters wanted when Common Cause did their survey in 2016.  And when they did their survey in 2015.  And 2014.


The Legislature knows this is a problem that nine-out-of-ten New Mexico voters have wanted fixed for years.  But does Gov. Martinez?


Please call her at 505-476-220 and remind her that Republicans believe politicians should be responsible to the people – not to self-serving, Big Money interests who seek special treatment at taxpayers’ cost.  Tell her to sign SB96.


Or you can send her an email through the Governor’s website at http://www.governor.state.nm.us/Contact_the_Governor.aspx.


Please remind her that if she doesn’t sign the bill by Friday, New Mexico voters are going to wonder why.



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