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Midterms Break the Bank

Midterms Break the Bank

November 15, 2018 @ 9:36 pm
by Admin
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The rapid growth of the influence of money in politics continued with the 2018 midterm cycle. An astonishing $5.2 billion was spent on elections that, essentially, resulted in a divided government poised for gridlock over the next 2 years.

For conservatives, that money bought, perhaps, the opportunity to confirm more Trump judges. For liberals, that money bought, possibly, the ability to fund the ongoing Mueller investigation.

And, meanwhile, the American people are all-the-more sick of politics and $5.2 billion that could have launched new companies or fed the hungry instead went to politicians.

All told, 5 Senate races- topped by Florida at $181 million- had a price-tag of over $100 million. 3 House races topped $30 million. 6 outside groups topped the $50 million mark (3 Republican groups, 3 Democratic). And, at least 3 individual donors pumped over $50 million into the system.

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None of this includes unreportable dark money. Still, it represents a 35% increase over just 4 years ago.

Again, our argument isn’t that money is the problem. However, so much money in the system does indicate that politicians are being bought, and the rapid growth is only increasing the partisan divide that defines our political climate.

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