Missourians Say “Good Riddance” to Eric Greitens


AUBURN, AL- Eric Greitens road an anti-Establishment wave to the Governor’s Mansion in Missouri. A political outsider, he came out of nowhere to become the “Show-Me” state’s chief executive, and many saw him as a rising star.

Not so much.

It didn’t take long for Greitens’ true colors to be revealed as he set up dark money organizations, funneled campaign money around, and had an operation that resembled a permanent campaign to promote himself as opposed to a policy team to find solutions for the state.

His 501c4 organization quickly weaponized and attacked members of his own Party. The machinations of the group- closely tied to Greitens himself- quickly became opposed to any efforts to reform, many of which he championed on the campaign trail.

On Tuesday, Greitens resigned- less than 2 years into his first term of elected office.

Scandal plagued the Missouri governor for much of his term. While his 501c4, A New Missouri, caused problems, it was Greitens’ moral and ethical failures, charges of computer tampering, wrongfully using a non-profit’s donor list, and more that led to his near-impeachment and ultimate resignation. He now could face criminal issues.

The conclusion of the turmoil surrounding Greitens is a relief to Missourians, and to reform efforts championed by Take Back Our Republic. It is also a sad day for those who hoped this outsider who spoke of reform would actually deliver.

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