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Montana Senate Debate Focuses on Money in Politics

Montana Senate Debate Focuses on Money in Politics

October 1, 2018 @ 4:16 pm
by Admin
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Saturday’s Montana PBS US Senate Debate started with the topic of the day, the Kavanaugh nomination, but ended up focusing on money in politics in a state that could decide the Senate majority. By the time the “Dark Money” segment of the debate started at the 46:41 mark moderators John Twiggs and Anna Rau noted the topic already became a focus before the topic was officially raised.

Take Back Our Republic does not support or oppose candidates, but we believe the voters are the winner when a frank discussion like this lets both candidates focus on dark money, instant notification of donors, contributions from lobbyists, and many related issues. The more often voters get the opportunity to see candidates discussing issues side-by-side in settings like the one offered by Montana PBS, rather than by negative attack ads produced by anonymous groups, the stronger our Democratic Republic will be. Rau noted that dark money contributions on both sides of this election increased 85 percent from 2014.


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