New Jersey Business Owner to Coordinate Tri-State Effort

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HOBOKEN – Paul Lichstein started a business in his Hoboken apartment and built it into a company serving customers on three continents. Now, he is taking on a new challenge as the State Coordinator for Take Back Our Republic in the largest media market in the United States.

_I_ve watched what government does for certain companies at the expense of others, and was happy to see Take Back Our Republic emerge as the national group championing conservative solutions to politics and money,_ said Lichstein, who will act as the Tri-State Coordinator for Take Back Our Republic (

Anyone interested in attending the groups_ Tri-state kickoff meeting on Monday, August 24, at 1 p.m. in Hoboken, NJ, can email or call 334.329.7258. Other meetings in the Tri-States area can be scheduled for that day or Tuesday, August 25.

_We are thrilled to have someone of Paul_s caliber to head up our effort in the largest media market,_ said Take Back Executive Director, John Pudner, referring to the 16 million viewers in the New York Media Market (Los Angeles is second with 11 million). Pudner, who was born in and has family in upstate New York, visited several members of the Tri-State delegation on a recent trip to Congress, and will join Lichstein for meetings to kick off efforts in the region August 24 and 25.

_Our problem is not that there is too much money in politics per se. It is that the majority have given up on the system and stopped contributing or participating at all. Meaning a small group of contractors and bureaucrats have huge incentive to contribute as the only winners in the system,_ said Lichstein. _The rest of us all pay the price for transactional contributions _ the government has incentives to pick a few winners and many losers and money goes to those with connections before we can even have a debate about tax credits vs. educational spending vs. defense vs. the environment, etc. Money is really good at reducing your opponent_s turnout with negative ads. These ads don_t reflect the subtlety of issues or reward making tough choices. These ads encourage legislative inaction and increased focus on fundraising and redistribution.

Take Back Our Republic ( is a national non-profit organization seeking to educate the public on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform. Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), is based near the campus of Auburn University and is just ninety minutes from the Atlanta airport. Its mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns for public office. One such idea is to incentivize small campaign donations from private citizens. TBOR believes that if more Americans have a voice, politicians will focus less on a handful of large check writers at corporations, unions or special interest groups who expect something in return for their contributions.

Following is a complete list of State Coordinators:


Alexis Esneault

  • Cumberland School of Law Student;
  • Former Young Americans for Liberty Director


Francis Johnson

  • Communications Resources, LLC


(See New York/TriState)


Jon Woods

  • Attorney at Greenberg Traurig, LLP


Maria Buckley

  • Junior, History Major at University of Chicago
  • Social Media Coordinator for Students for Life _ University of Chicago


York A. Forsyth

  • PhD candidate at University of New Orleans;
  • Former Policy Director, Friends of Scott Angelle, LLC


Josh Treat

  • Political Director _ Young for Iowa;
  • Former Deputy Campaign Mgr. _ Schultz for Iowa


Dale Fahnestock

  • NASA Director of Mission Operations & Data Systems


Peter J. Buckley

  • 1st VP _ Wealth Mgmt for Buckley Williams Group


Bryan Posthumus

  • Partner in Calder Group LLC;
  • Former CEO/Director of Consulting _ Tuebor Strategies


Marcia Stromgren

  • Local business co-owner;
  • Former Co. Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor


Morgan Stringer

  • History major with English & Journalism minor at University of Mississippi


Jacob Scott

  • Legislative Director for Dr. R. Schaaf, State Senate;
  • Founder & CEO Scott Strategies, LLC

New Hampshire

Andrew Hemmingway

  • CEO for The Mountain Retail;
  • Former 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate

New Jersey

(See Tri-State/New York)

New Mexico

Weslie Owen

  • Retired Dentist
  • Political activist at age 91

New York

Paul Lichstein

  • Chief Operating Officer for Carpathian Industries

North Carolina

Judge Ola M. Lewis

  • Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, District 13B
  • Former Candidate for Chief Justice of NC Supreme Court


Jillian Hanes

  • Client Relations Manager at JB Hamlin & Company Inc/Fairtronix Ohio LLC


Jeff Kubler

  • President, Action Solutions, Inc.
  • Former City Councilor, City of Adair Village


Eric Yang

  • Sophomore studying Economics at Harvard University
  • Former District Intern U.S. Representative Michael Burgess


Chris Harelson

  • Students for Liberty Chapter Organizer & Founder at LDS Business College


Diane Cullo

  • Director of Development & Outreach for TBOR;
  • Principal _ DLC Communications

West Virginia

Roger Jarrell

  • Attorney at Spilman Thomas & Battle PLLC


James Smyczek

  • Marketing Manager: Molecular Biology Resources. Inc.


Ogden Driskill

  • Vice President for Bear Lodge Cattle Company
  • Former WY Senator(__11-__13) & State Senator(_10-__11)
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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.


  • 334-329-7258

  • 165 E Magnolia Ave., Suite 203 Auburn, Alabama 36830


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