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New Jersey Push for Disclosure

New Jersey Push for Disclosure

June 12, 2017 @ 10:42 pm
by Admin
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In order to “Take Back Our Republic” and place influence back in the hands of “We the People,” information is paramount. That’s why we believe that the public deserves to know who is exerting influence on the process.

The Garden State’s loose disclosure rules for outside organizations is beginning to get noticed.

There, an outside organization called Stronger Foundations, Inc. has spent $275,100 on two legislative primaries in the northern portion of the state. However, despite the sizeable amount, voters know almost nothing about this group. No information is available about who is funding this effort.

Consequently, voters in New Jersey have no idea whether this is an individual, business, or entity that could profit or benefit from the election of the candidates this group supports. Conversely, the group could be made up of a large group of credible concerned citizens simply backing the candidate of their choice. The problem? Voters just have no way of knowing.

It’s time for legislators in the Garden State to take a close look at their disclosure laws to make certain its people can have confidence in the process.

Further information on this issue can be found HERE.

And here.

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