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Nike has Political Leanings… to the Right?

Nike has Political Leanings… to the Right?

October 3, 2018 @ 8:59 pm
by Admin
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AUBURN, AL- Your ultra conservative friends on Facebook- you know, the ones posting pictures of themselves burning their shoes- may now hate Nike for its recent advertising, but the apparel company’s political leanings may surprise many.

When including the contributions of its co-founder, Phil Knight, Nike has given more than 3 times as much money ($424,000) to Republicans as Democrats ($122,000) this election cycle. This is the 4th cycle (of 5) since 2010 that the company has leaned rightward with its political contributions.

Nike attempted to clarify initial reports to point to the fact that, excluding Knight’s contributions, the company has given $88,700 to Democrats and $79,400 to Republicans. Still, these relatively bi-partisan figures would likely surprise some who assume the Oregon-based organization that has embraced Colin Kaepernick has a liberal bent.

As for Knight himself, he is playing heavily in the Oregon governor’s race, giving $1.5 million to the Republican candidate- the largest single donation in the state since such contributions were tracked. On the other hand, Knight has been a consistent donor to Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.

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