NY Times Links to in Bannon Story; Podesta Firm Admits Foreign Contracts

The New York Times linked to Take Back Our Republic in a piece on President-elect Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The Times writes:

Steve and his two brothers went to Benedictine High School, an all-male Catholic military school in Richmond where the boys wore uniforms, kept their hair short and were called cadets. “It was a very conservative world,” said John Pudner, a Benedictine graduate who knows Mr. Bannon and runs Take Back Our Republic, an advocacy group based in Alabama.

As noted in the bio of Executive Director John Pudner, he worked for Bannon in the past after attending the same high school in Richmond, Virginia. Pudner did stress to the reporter that Bannon would have received demerits for his current hair cut, as well as the hair cut from when he was Student Body President at Virginia Tech in the photo attached. The rules were explicit at Benedictine inspections – your hair could not touch your ears!

Take Back Our Republic encourages the Trump Administration and all elect officials of both parties to work toward the goals laid out in the “drain the swamp” closing argument of the winning Presidential camapaign to put an end to the revolving door and foreign contributions that combine to enlarge the debt by diverting taxpayer money to those with deep pockets at home and abroad.

Drain the Swamp … of Foreign Contributions

After our educational paper inspired HR4177, the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act, the only excuse for not passing the legislation (proposed by Paul Gosar of Arizona) seemed to be that we could not prove foreign money was coming in as part of the hundreds of millions of dollars in secret money. Yet both Presidential campaigns accused the other of foreign influence, and now the Washington Free Beacon reports that the firm of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta admitted not disclosing money they were paid to lobby for foreign governments. Two months ago a Mexican businessman was convicted of sneaking half a million dollars in illegal contributions into San Diego elections, and Pudner wrote a piece for Breitbart  last year on hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions from a foreign porn company.

The evidence is there, and the need to pass HR4177, Trump’s 5-point Ethics Plan and other reform measures has never been more evident.


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