8 Days to Stop ACLU & Gerrymandering Debacle Starting in Ohio

8 DAYS LEFT! Email justinh@takeback.org or call 334.329.7258 to counter the ACLU’s efforts to block gerrymandering reform. If the ACLU is successful in Ohio, prepare for nasty multi-million campaigns to elect extreme Supreme Court judges to take over redistricting state-by-state. See our Facebook post on the phoning or mailing efforts you can join today.

We left the Cincinnati Archdiocese with a copy of the pro-Issue One bulletin insert going to all churches in the state urging a YES vote for Issue One, and will be at conservative church service in a state in which I ran faith-based voter turnout efforts for Bush 2000 to get information to Catholics and Evangelicals (half of all Ohio voters).

Take Back Our Republic also left the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce with the united support of business for the YES vote for Issue One that sets up a fair commission that let’s either party’s members veto a long-term redistricting plan if it is not fair. The head of the State Common Cause goes so far as to take an issues-only ballot (meaning she cannot vote for either a Republican or Democrat in the fall), Represent.US pinned this great piece for the Cincinnati Enquirer below, and I point out in this NewsMax piece that the ACLU’s constant attacks on the plan despite their stated support for ending gerrymandering shows the real solution they want is to switch partisan districts drawn by legislatures for partisan gerrymandering that favors them through a few people on a State Supreme Court.

Less than 5 percent of Take Back Our Republic’s time and resources go toward lobbying (which includes lobbying voters on redistricting referendum), but we hope you will join us by getting involved in the crucial days ahead. Call, email or sign up at www.takeback.org and we will tell you how you can get involved!



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