Platform Win, 81 Co-Sponsors, all-night drive, Kaine(?) & Pence

INDIANAPOLIS – During an all-night drive to our third Wisconsin TBOR meeting (see Facebook photo and video below), I learned from our Sr. Policy Director Chuck Cunningham that TBOR Educational Paper items won support in the Republican Platform and from 81 co-sponsors before Congress left for recess.pence

Making Case to VP Nominees. We build on this success in our Saturday meeting in Carmel, Indiana Satursday in a casual setting. Greg Lannan (left in photo to right) was the first Hoosier to meet with us after launching TBOR, and less than an hour after his boss Mike Pence was announced as the GOP VP Nominee, we updated him on the progress in a casual setting. When we broke up Saturday afternoon he continued on to prepare for Pence’s press conference in Indianapolis, while we skip political rallies and so Pudner proceeded on to a Toledo meeting and then to prepare for his Monday 4:15 speech at Cleveland Public Square as RNC kicks off.
With the betting odds favoring Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s piece, we have a tentative plan to be in Virginia to also get information to someone around Tim Kaine (both Pudner and Kaine come out of Catholic communities in Richmond, Virginia).
Of course, we are just as thrilled with the 30 Democratic co-sponsors and that the Democratic Platform also addresses campaign finance reform. In addition, Gary Johnson joined Take Back Our Republic during Freedom Fest before becoming the Libertarian nominee, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein said she entered politics in response to the Massachusetts Legislature thwarted the will of the people by throwing out campaign finance reform after it passed a public referendum.
With all the divisions in the country, this is an issue that unites almost 80 percent of all Americans, and we appreciate the chance to provide the research and educational papers to help all candidates and parties pick solutions they can support. A just completed poll shows that Independents believe this is a more important issue to their vote than education, while Democrats rank it higher than the environment – despite $6 billion being spent to advocate the latter. In addition, viewers of an Republican debate also ranked the issue in their top four – ahead of even Obamacare, Syria and Russia.
Here are excerpts of both Platforms:
(Republican Platform, with three of our items in bold): “We The People: A Restoration of Constitutional Government” Honest elections are the foundation of representative government.  We pledge to protect the voting rights of every citizen, as well as their rights of conscience when they are harassed or denied a job because of their contributions to a candidate or a cause … To guard against foreign involvement in our elections, we call for vigilance regarding online credit card contributions to candidates and campaigns.
(Democratic Platform): “Campaign Finance Reform” Support … “immediate action to curb the influence of lobbyists and special interests on our political institutions … We support requiring groups trying to influence elections to reveal their donors so the public will know who’s funding the political ads it sees,”
As for the continuing crazy travel pace, I left the Capitol Wednesday (bottom photo), after a delayed flight into Detroit (top photo) left in a rental car at 3 a.m. for Wisconsin meetings starting at 11:30 a.m. Thursday (middle video), then Chicago meetings Friday, Indiana today, Toledo Sunday and the Cleveland beginning Monday.

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