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Poll Results Announced: Intense Support for 3 Reform Issues

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Poll Results Announced: Intense Support for 3 Reform Issues

Bismarck, ND – Pollsters featured by measure intense nationwide support for three reform measures – the “Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act,” a 28th Constitutional Amendment in response to Citizens United, and an Article V Convention.

“After three decades of statistical analysis of election trends, I was stunned to see such far-reaching proposals emerge as the strongest motivators of voters,” said John Pudner, who ran a polling center operation for a decade before founding Take Back Our Republic and surprised many when nearly exactly calculating Donald Trump’s electoral college victory and Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin two months prior to the election.

“We saw the beginning of this trend when my last political candidates in 2014 defeated the Majority Leader in Congress (Eric Cantor) and the Minority Leader in the Alabama State Senate (Roger Bedford), but the fact that most now feel the country needs to take action to stop foreign entities from influencing our elections and even take Constitutional steps shows an intensity rarely seen in our political history. Take Back Our Republic focuses more on researching and educating the public on near-term solutions such as the voters right to know who is paying for political attack ads, but as a research and educational organization we also need to find out what Americans view as a top priority.

The polling results were announced simultaneously Saturday morning at the National Citizen Leadership Conference in Washington DC and a speech by Pudner in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Take Back Our Republic was represented at the Conference including a presentation by President and Board Chair Francis Johnson, however, Pudner was on a long-planned family vacation that stretched from Auburn, Alabama to Denver and back through the Dakotas and Wisconsin. However, one advantage of Take Back Our Republic’s coordinators in 40 states is that Pudner was able to meet coordinators along the vacation route in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota, before the meetings in North Dakota that started at the base of a 50-foot cow in the heart of North Dakota dairy country to continue to advance our efforts to educate in addition to research such as determining the poll results below:

Poll Results

The polling questions since the past National Citizen Leadership Conference were directed by Take Back Our Republic and run by McLaughlin & Associates and iCitizen, both featured pollsters in the average.

73% Support and 55% Strongly Support HR1341

The poll results from McLaughlin & Associates regarding the Stop Foreign Donations Act (HR1341, S1660) Currently being considered by the House Administration Committee:

Foreign Donations Poll Question Asked: In the last 10 years politicians running for President and Congress collected almost $2 Billion in unverified credit card contributions, meaning they did not allow banks to run their normal process to see if the contribution is really coming from an American citizen. Do you support or oppose legislation that would require politicians to allow banks to verify that any donation to a candidate is a legal donation from an American citizen?

McLaughlin Reported Results: Nearly 3 in 4 voters, 73%, support legislation that would require politicians to allow banks to verify that any donation to a candidate is a legal donation from an American citizen. Only 14% oppose, with 13% who said they Don’t Know. The intensity is focused on Strongly Support, as the majority of voters, 55%, were focused on this response.

Pudner stopped along a vacation route Thursday to meet with Nebraska coordinator Tony McDermott Phillip Black in the office of Congressman Adrian Smith in western Nebraska to present Take Back Our Republic’s book, “Taxation Only With Representation” with an inscription Congressman Smith for his co-sponsorship of HR1341. That bill’s predecessor HR4177 from the previous Congress which was supported by all members of both parties on the House Administration Committee. A Senate version (s1660) is also under consideration.

Article V Convention: Largest Number of Intense Supporters

Separately, iCitizen ran a poll of 2,131 demographically balanced Americans and determined that the strongest and most intense support for a campaign finance reform was an Article V Convention to enable campaign finance reform. It was not only supported by 68.1 percent of all voters but was chosen as the first choice by 39.6 percent of all voters to nudge out a 28th Amendment such as FixIt America (34.7 percent) as a first choice. Both finished well ahead of only 19.8 percent that chose an option that would leave Citizens United in place.

This poll was run after a similar but unscientific poll run in Pudner’s column in NewsMax resulted in 57.7 percent choosing an Article V convention as their top option, to 40.9 percent for a 28th Amendment and only 0.9 percent who wanted to work within the Citizens United framework, and 0.4 percent that support the South Dakota model of allowing unlimited and undisclosed gifts and campaign contributions to politicians. While the latter was not a scientific poll, the opt-in surveys often do a better job of indicated the intensity of grassroots support.

Some groups have argued for an Article V convention to address other adjustments to the Constitution such as requiring a balanced budget, and the issue creates heated internal debates among conservatives and progressives. After his Colorado and Nebraska coordinator stops Thursday, Pudner’s third coordinator stop was with Senator Ogden Driskill who owns a ranch at the base of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, and has co-sponsored legislation dealing with an Article V convention.

28th Amendment Such As FixIt America Broadest Support of All

The poll by iCitizen showed that a 28th Amendment such as FixIt America had the broadest overall support at 79.8 percent of all Americans. With the current partisan divide it is unusual to get three out of four Americans to agree on anything. While Americans may disagree on which outside influences are the biggest threat. Some believe it is George Soros and Tom Steyer, while others focus on the Koch Brothers. Some may cite hostile countries like Russia, China or Iran as countries who could send huge contributions through the unverified credit card system that HR1341 would stop – while others fought over if President Trump’s complaints about 270 percent Canadian tariffs on American dairy products justified a US tariff on American timber.

Take Back Our Republic’s effort is not to settle partisan or ideological arguments like these, but rather to work for measures such as HR1341 that help make sure these disagreements and political efforts are between Americans trying to influence American policy to be help the people here – and not shaped by secret contributions from abroad.

To that end, after Pudner met with coordinators in three states Thursday, he paid a visit to meet Pete Hanebutt, his friend from Farm Bureau days, at the 50-foot cow in New Salem, North Dakota that was historically the center of the diary country in the border state of North Dakota that could be hurt by tariffs from their 310-mile border with Canada.

Pudner and Take Back Our Republic North Dakota Coordinator Elizabeth Grey Bear met with 20 supporters Saturday morning in the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library, with a second meeting scheduled for Saturday at 4 p.m.. at Atomic Coffee on 222 Broadway in Fargo, North Dakota (on the Minnesota line)..

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