Prediction of VA Legislative Stunner Followed Day With WI Gov, LG & Packers

GREEN BAY & RICHMOND, VA – Just over an hour after the polls closed in Virginia Tuesday night, Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner posted the shocking prediction that Virginia Democrats might take over the State House despite starting the night outnumbered 67-33.

That 8:22 p.m. ET Facebook Post could prove correct pending a couple of recounts, and was posted at the end of Pudner’s 24-hour blitz to take the same reform message from his Fox News appearance to conservatives in two states in the center of political decision-making in America today.  Democrat Ralph Northam led by just four points at the time of the post, but the fact that he had tied Ed Gillespie in a conservative county on the Southside of Richmond made it clear the lead would grow and have huge coattails the rest of the night.

Pudner distributed key information on how to stop foreign interference in our elections to the Executive Directors of the Virginia Democratic and Republican Parties just 24 hours after he was at his former Marquette classmate Scott Walker’s 50th birthday celebration at a Green Bay Packers’ tailgate party along with Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (photos at bottom). Pudner sat in one of Bart Starr’s season ticket seats for Green Bay’s Monday Night Football game, courtesy of his son and Alabama resident Bart Starr Jr. (feature photo with Take Back Our Republic Board Member Camille Solberg).

WISCONSIN. Pudner previously made the case to Speaker Paul Ryan (next photo) for a tax credit for small donors and stopping the billions in illicit foreign donations. Wisconsin just became the 28th state to approve an Article V Convention.  An Article V Convention is currently the most popular option in our current poll, BUT that is based on possible vehicles to drain the swamp of corrupting money in politics – something the organizers of that convention effort do not support, which leads many other reform proponents to prefer a 28th Amendment or rejecting both to focus on transparency and small donors that do not require either, so please give your opinion here.

Pudner has criticized both parties for dragging Wisconsinites through endless mud-slinging.  He disagreed with Wisconsin Republicans for weakening their ethics board and being too partisan in gerrymandering. While the out-of-power party typically asks for an end to gerrymandering (President Reagan strongly condemned partisan gerrymandering), huge losses like Virginia Republicans faced last night can also result from overt partisan gerrymandering because the attempt to break up communities of interest to maximize a political parties seats also stretches them too thin so one bad election night can get rid of many of their incumbents. Pudner also strongly criticized Democrats in past years for the unbelievable amount of people and money that was shipped in from out of state by national Democrats to try to reverse Walker’s initial Gubernatorial win – dragging Wisconsinites through endless mudslinging.
VIRGINIA. Pudner returns to the Wisconsin State Capitol next week, but Tuesday a 5:30 a.m. flight was needed for a packed Election Day in Virginia, where Pudner’s former colleage at McGuireWoods Consulting Susan Swecker now Chairs the Democratic Party that had the big election night. Pudner’s former boss, Speaker Bill Howell, is retiring, and Pudner hopes the Virginia Congressional delegation and new legislature will consider HR1341 and S.1660 and similar measures at the State level to stop the foreign influence on our elections.
BOTH states suffered in recent elections from one of the money in politics problems that must be fixed – ScamPACS. The current laws allow shady political consultants to raise money by pretending they are helping a candidate –  more recently pretending Sheriff David Clark was running for US Senate and four years ago taking money by pretending to help Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. In a recent extended meeting with Pudner, Cuccinelli humbly refused to blame the ScamPACS from costing him the 2013 election by tricking his donors and taking their money, but the FBI eventually swooped in on their operation.
This year the only time the Republican Gubernatorial nominee caught up in multiple polls was briefly after negative third-party commercials making nasty attacks backfired, but they were pulled off the air and the Democrats lead widened again.
2 DAYS KICKED OFF WITH ONLY NFL NON-PROFIT. The Monday-Tuesday dash between Wisconsin and Virginia actually started with a number of Alabamians, including Starr and Pudner, traveled to Green Bay and meeting with leaders and NFL greats in Wisconsin. Several members of that group will gather again with Pudner Thursday in Starr’s hometown of Birmingham at the Alabama Public Policy Institute dinner to continue to reform discussion among attendees.
Like Take Back, the Green Bay Packers are a non-profit, the only such organization in the NFL. Monday’s event benefited another great non-profit, Rawhide, which helps troubled teenagers and families and was founded by Starr’s parents Bart and Cherry Starr. The elder Bart Starr guided the Packers to the win in the famous Ice Bowl against the Dallas Cowboys, a game in which all of the Cowboys’ doors at the Holiday Inn froze shut, and then won the first two Super Bowls. Brett Favre and Steve Young headlined the event Monday.
Rawhide reached hundreds of youths under the leadership of Solberg’s husband, John Solberg, and has been an inspiration during the first three years of Take Back Our Republic – demonstrating how much can be accomplished by a focused effort at a non-profit.
As we approach the end of the year, please consider clicking here to include a contribution to Take Back Our Republic as one of your charitable, tax-deductible contributions. None of your donation goes to tickets for events or political party functions, those are paid for personally or given as generous gifts such as the Starr family’s tickets. What your contributions do fund is building our 37 state chapters (like the great chapters in Virginia and Wisconsin) so that they can set up for us to have the opportunities to spread the information in our educational papers to decision-makers, community leaders and the media and public.
Photos below were from a combined tailgate/50th birthday party (a few days after his actual birthday)  for Walker across from the famous Lambeau Field. The first photo is with Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and the second with Governor Walker.

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