Press Notes TBOR’s Tour of S. Dakota to Make Case for Reform Among Trump Supporters

TBOR Board Member Richard Painter and Executive Director John Pudner finished the first of three days in South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore. The Argus Leader documented the case that anyone voting for Donald Trump should also vote for a state referendum (IM 22).

Pudner stressed that Take Back Our Republic was not urging anyone to vote for or against a certain candidate – only that those already voting for Trump should also vote for this measure to curtail the power of lobbyists and other big money insiders.

The measure would clean up corruption by stopping South Dakota’s unique system of unlimited and undisclosed gifts from lobbyists and out-of-state powerful interests. It would also allow average citizens to donate $100 in Democracy Credits to enable candidates to once again focus on their constituents. A University of Indiana study indicated that the average South Dakotan would save $1300 per year if the corruption were lessened in the state resulting from it’s one-of-a-kind system.

The counter argument in the same article was made by the head of a Koch-brother financed group, who ironically argued against out-of-state interests weighing in on the issue, even though nine Koch-owned asphalt plants are in adjoining states. South Dakota spends several million dollars for asphalt and other road work-related costs, which would stand to benefit such operations.


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