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Radio interview this morning caps 4-State Western Tour

TBOR initial invite months ago to attend the Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Utah was scuttled by Covid-19 shutting down the audience. However, our ED traveled 800 miles in less than a week leading up to last night’s VP debate, ending with this morning’s interview airing on KNEB throughout Nebraska and two other states this morning. While Clark Caras and Jessica Murphy in our Utah office continued their great work, the tour included Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. Descriptions of some of the key meetings and events continue below the photos from the four states this past week.

Column 1 includes photos from our meetings with state coordinators. In the top left photo, Pudner and TBOR Nebraska Coordinator Nick Brouillette visited the office of US Senator Ben Sasse, after also visiting the office of Congressman Adrian Smith, who sponsored past legislation based on a white paper by TBOR. Smith’s director is Val Jansante, the son of the great Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver of the same name. Pudner and Brouillette also made a joint appearance with KNEB News Director Scott Miller in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, which will air throughout Nebraska and two other states this morning. The second photo from the top on the left is Pudner with TBOR Colorado coordinator Brandon Sullivan, another former political veteran who worked with John under Paul Jost of Club for Growth years ago. They planned out future Colorado activity near the Trail Head Restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Sinclair Dinosaur is not really a TBOR coordinator, but our travels did include meeting several wonderful top people at Sinclair, but we decided to pose instead with the great dinosaur their ancestors developed in 1930 for their Wyoming-based company.

Column 2 includes three photos from the grand opening at the wonderful Powder River Art Gallery (1906 Thomes Avenue, Cheyenne WY) where owner Anna Bilderback (top photo in column 2) and Pudner (bottom photo in column 2) as well as TBOR Wyoming coordinator DJ Seavey met and talked about this wonderful facility a few blocks from the Wyoming State Capitol serving as the venue for an upcoming Wyoming TBOR event. We know the wearing of masks is an issue no one can avoid, and TBOR does have a policy of wearing masks in the office and at indoor events where social distancing is not possible (and in fact wore masks even at an outdoor event on this trip where it was not possible). However, one thing we love about the Powder River Art Gallery was that even with 80 people coming throughout the evening, the large downstairs exhibit (middle photo) made it possible for visitors to get their free burritos and margaritas and space out throughout the incredible art, and we also note that Wyoming is one of the few places Covid has hardly touched, with the second lowest death rate (9 per 100,000 is second to only Alaska and one-twenties the 182 per 100,000 in New Jersey – so we appreciate that folks in Wyoming have been responsible. We recommend you pay a visit to the art gallery, and will issue an invite for our members in Wyoming and even over the Nebraska and Colorado state lines once our event is set up.

Column 3 includes photos of three of the many great leaders with whom some combination of Pudner and TBOR’s western staff of Clark Caras and Jessica Murphy met on the trip to follow-up on recent visits with Wyoming state legislators. Dakota Roberson (top right photo) just returned from the White House to teach at the University of Idaho and is a truly great policy thinker. The second photo from the top on the right is Elaine Norman, a friend of the family of TBOR’s National Field Director Lars Wiechmann, and wife of Congressman Ralph Norman.  Elaine was accompanied by Debbie Meadows, wife of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

While some organizations base their efforts in Washington and New York, Take Back Our Republic is thrilled to have State Coordinators like Nick, DJ and Brandon in 48 of 50 states, and were glad to base our second office after Auburn, Alabama in Provo, Utah to build a base under the direction of Clark and Jessica. Yes it is hard for long-time political hacks like most of us who work for Take Back Our Republic to sit out political cycles like this, but it is important to keep our finger to the pulse of Americans and focus on AFTER the election and how to educate, research and advocate for sound policy and political reform.

We hope you will join us too by replying to this email, or going to www.takeback.org or simply calling the office at 334.329.7258. Thank you.

Justin Hill, Deputy Director

Take Back Our Republic

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