Rasmussen Calls for Fundamental Reform

AUBURN, AL- Scott Rasmussen, a highly respected pollster, author, and commentator, has joined the chorus in calling for sweeping reform to our election system.

The founder of Rasmussen Reports was already well-known but saw his credibility increase all-the-more as perhaps the pollster most bullish on Donald Trump’s 2016 chances.

Citing the court ruling which shakes up the landscape in Pennsylvania- and, therefore, nationally- for congressional campaigns, he declared it is “time to change the election game.”

The ruling, where district maps have been redrawn, could flip three seats in the state which may mean a change in control of the House- which Rasmussen previously projected to remain narrowly in GOP hands 219-216.

Here is the problem. Rasmussen’s article states:

“The fact that a court ruling in a single state could alter control of Congress reveals a much deeper problem with American politics. Rob Richie, Executive Director of FairVote has spent years stating the uncomfortable truth that ‘American voters don’t select their Representatives, the Representatives select the voters.’

More precisely, both Republicans and Democrats draw district boundaries to select groups of voters who will vote for their team. While there will be elections in all 435 House Districts this year, the way the boundaries were drawn pre-ordained the winner in at least 390 of them.  In November, over 90% of voters will have no meaningful choice and no say as to who represents them in Washington. That’s why Members of Congress typically have more job security than a tenured college professor.”

There are plenty of proposals out there regarding how to reform the way we elect our officials- including taking aim at how we draw our districts, or if we even have districts at all. What we continue to see, however, is that the out-of-control gerrymandering has led to increased partisan rancor, legislative stagnation, and diminished voter engagement.

Rasmussen’s full article can be found here: https://scottrasmussen.com/time-change-election-game/.

At Take Back Our Republic, we continue to explore and support the study of the best options to restore democracy. What do you think? Do you agree that this is a problem? Do you support gerrymandering? Or, do you believe the problem lies with judges who attempt to undo districts that have been drawn? Join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/takebackorg/.

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