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RealClearPolitics Quotes TBOR on Donor at Presidential Announcement

RealClearPolitics Quotes TBOR on Donor at Presidential Announcement

March 29, 2019 @ 6:04 pm
by Admin
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(photo courtesy of State Department, full story from Real Clear Politics here. )

RealClear Politics asked Take Back Our Republic about controversial mega donor Angelo Tsakopoulos hosting an event for Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. TBOR does not take positions on which candidates should be supported or opposed by voters. However, this question gave us a chance to make a distinction between public and transparent donations like this in which voters know who is giving and can decide if that impacts their vote – and the dark money funneled through LLCs, unverified credit card contributions and other means that do not respect the voters right to know who is funding campaigns. The following is an excerpt:

A recurring pay-to-play racket is what concerns John Pudner, executive director of the conservative-leaning campaign finance group Take Back Our Republic. He doesn’t worry about seeing the Lincoln Bedroom turned into an Airbnb. He is more concerned with wealthy donors pulling strings to reduce regulations.  That, he told RCP, is a corrupt return on investment, “an exchange of 20 to one.”

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