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Recode Looks at Silicon Valley Donors “Flooding the System” with Cash

Recode Looks at Silicon Valley Donors “Flooding the System” with Cash

August 31, 2018 @ 8:07 pm
by Admin
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AUBURN, AL- In what is certainly an interesting read, put together a listing of the burgeoning liberal donor class in Silicon Valley.

Among the interesting notes are the nuanced ways Silicon Valley donors are looking to leverage their expertise. Some are loaning staff members to left-leaning organizations to improve their use of technology, some are launching new non-profits or tech ventures, and others are taking a significant oversight role over their political “investments.”

Perhaps most alarming is the $5.4 million donation made to Women Vote!, the PAC for Emily’s List… in the form of foreign stock. Donor Karla Jurvetson opted to pass along the contribution as shares in the Chines company Baidu. While the organization’s lawyers approved, and the stock was quickly sold, the potential of a political entity having an interest in the success of a foreign company is problematic.

For a full rundown of Recode’s profiles of Silicon Valley donors, visit:

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