Report Connects Money Spent at Trump Properties with Presidential Support

President Trump’s significant personal fortune helped galvanize support from those who hoped his business acumen would have a positive effect on the nation’s economy. While those supporters see reasons that to believe their hopes have been validated, others concerned that his wealth would raise doubts about his motivations likewise believe they’ve been proven right.

The vast holdings of POTUS have raised concerns on various fronts, but one recent report links Trump endorsements to those who spend money at his hotels.

On one occasion, President Trump signaled support for Kevin McCarthy’s bid to lead Republicans in the House (at that time, a hope to be Speaker) while the California congressman was spending lavishly at his hotel. In fact, McCarthy-led groups have spent $226,500 at Trump properties.

And, this is just one instance. Fast Company reports that:

“The campaigns or affiliated PACs of at least eight candidates for federal or state office have spent funds at a Trump property soon before the president tapped out his coveted tweet of endorsement. Of course, as the leader of the GOP, Trump can be expected to endorse its candidates, though he only reserves his powerful Twitter account (which has 55 million followers) for favored politicos. And though it doesn’t violate campaign finance laws, the pattern does trouble ethics experts.”

For more information, read: https://www.fastcompany.com/90252235/trump-endorsements-follow-in-the-wake-of-candidates-spending-money-at-his-properties.

Interestingly, among those candidates who spent money at Trump’s DC hotel is losing Michigan Senate candidate John James, who is reportedly so thoroughly in the president’s good graces that he is being considered for the open UN post (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-26/trump-is-said-to-consider-michigan-senate-candidate-for-un-post).

There is no reason to assume that the amounts being spent at the hotels (which add relatively small amounts to Trump’s wealth) influences his decision-making. Yet, the fact that the leader of the free world can leverage his position for profit remains a concern.

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