Ben Sasse Aims to Address “Swampier” Swamp

AUBURN, AL- Two years after a pledge to “Drain the Swamp” became the rallying cry that swept Donald Trump and a host of other Republicans, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) says things have only gotten worse, saying the swamp is now “swampier.”

To validate his claims, Sasse wrote:

“In the last 18 months alone, revelations of corruption have forced high-profile investigations and resignations across the government. Two Republican congressmen were indicted— one for insider trading, the other for using campaign funds to bankroll his family’s lifestyle. The president’s campaign manager and personal attorney face felony convictions.”

He also pointed to the numerous allegations of corruption against Hillary Clinton to say that the inaction on these issues extend past his own party. “Everyone talks about draining the swamp, but nobody does it,” he wrote.

That’s why Sasse is putting forward a series of legislation that would address some of the foremost problems head-on. His full op-ed can be found here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/09/13/washington-ethics-drain-swamp-congress-trump-release-taxes-corruption-column/1283909002/.

Sasse’s solutions include:

  • Prohibiting cabinet members and their families from soliciting donations from foreign sources.
  • Requiring presidential and vice-presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.
  • Creating a public database for congressional HR settlements and increase the personal financial liability of members.
  • Banning members of Congress from buying and selling stocks during their time in office.
  • Implementing a lifetime ban on members of Congress from making money lobbying.

The rare unapologetic conservative, Sasse realizes his proposals will be controversial among members and summarizes his argument this way:

“Washington, D.C., is full of officials from both parties who are more interested in protecting their positions — and growing their pocketbooks — than in carrying out their constitutional responsibilities. We don’t have statesmen and stateswomen; we have swamp creatures. My plan is going to make a lot of people in both parties angry. That’s fine by me. Frankly, that’s the only way this gets done. No more partisan finger-pointing, no more sacred cows, no more agreeing to look the other way.”

These reforms are important and Take Back Our Republic has already been a vocal supporter of many of these issues.

What do you think? Do you agree with the reform issues proposed by Sen. Sasse? Join the conversation at: https://www.facebook.com/takebackorg/.


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