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Senator Sasse Comments on Corrupting Money in Politics

Senator Sasse Comments on Corrupting Money in Politics

September 6, 2018 @ 1:13 am
by Admin
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Click here for the video of Senator Ben Sasse’s interview including his quote, “I came here because I want to drain the swamp. I don’t care whether the Congressman who is doing insider trading or embezzling campaign funds or is indicted for this or that. I don’t care whether they wear a blue or red jersey I want fewer of those people around,” said Senator Ben Sasse told MSNBC. He complained about the “lunacy” of the protests that now engulf Supreme Court ns, and said this was partly the result of Congress not functioning and therefore people treating the Courts as their political outlet. He said if he had the option of getting rid of all 535 members of Congress including himself he would do it.



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