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South Dakotan’s Strike Back

South Dakotan’s Strike Back

November 3, 2017 @ 3:14 pm
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 South Dakota Voters Strike Back

By TBOR Staff


AUBURN, AL- A shocking display of arrogance and abuse of power was on display in South Dakota when legislators undermined the will of the people to impose ethics reform on its officials.

Last year, Take Back and other reform leaders joined with South Dakota activists to win a ballot measure that achieved real reform. The response from elected officials? They immediately set out to undo the legislation.

Now, South Dakota voters have an opportunity to strike back.

Last week, proponents of Initiated Measure 22 filed in excess of the 50,000 signatures needed to place similar reforms on the ballot in 2018.

However, this measure goes a step further. IM 22 requires any effort from elected officials to undo the will of the voters to go back before the people of South Dakota. It also forces any effort to change requirements to get a measure added to the ballot to go before the voters as well.

Take Back Our Republic is proud to support this measure, and we look forward to helping voters strike back against corrupt politicians.

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