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A Study on State Lobbying: 50 Swamps?

A Study on State Lobbying: 50 Swamps?

#1, 3.3.2017

By TBOR Staff

AUBURN, AL- Regardless of whether you are an adamant Trump supporter or one of the 54.1% of Americans who voted for someone else, one undeniable fact from the 2016 presidential election is that President Trump “caught fire” with the phrase “Drain the Swamp.”

Introduced relatively late in the campaign, the phrase galvanized those sick of seeing the nation’s capital run amok- a place where lobbyists rule and incestuous and crooked deals reign.

However, the facts point toward “Drain the Swamps,” as in 50 across the Union, being the more accurate sentiment. While you may agree with President Trump’s assessment of Washington, the number of federal lobbyists fell from 13,742 in 2008 to 11,509 in 2014.[1] A number of factors- gridlock, decline in defense spending, a slow national economy etc.- could have contributed to the decline, but the states are telling a different story.

In 2015, The Washington Post noted that “Lobbyists aren’t having much luck on a gridlocked Capitol Hill — so more and more, they’re opening their wallets in state capitols around the country.”[2]

There has been significant conversation regarding this phenomenon, and, though a “draining of the federal swamp” remains important, a closer look at the 50 smaller swamps is warranted.

In the coming weeks and months, Take Back Our Republic will be taking a look at lobbying at the state level, beginning with a study on its growth over a ten year period. We invite you to join us on this journey as we provide short articles and analysis on the topic, and we encourage you to share your feedback on our Facebook page at: Please continue to check our website,, for regular updates.