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Ex-Governor’s Dark Money Group Raised Big Money

December 26, 2018

We have previously written extensively about the rise and fall of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, particularly his use of dark money. Now, we know a little more about A New Missouri, the 501c4 organization built to promote his agenda. Tax filings show that the group raised a whopping $6.1 million from 67 donors. Two of those donors gave $1 million and all gave over the $2,600 maximum contribution. Clearly, the entity was built for the sole purpose of circumventing […]

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OpEd: Fix it, America

January 14, 2018

Take Back Executive Director John Pudner penned the following OpEd on money in politics for the Concord Monitor: Two years ago, I was sludging through New Hampshire snow drifts, just before the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. As I talked with Granite State voters, I kept hearing the same thing: everyone was concerned about the influence of “Big Money” campaign donors. Once the primary results were in, it was clear that “Money In Politics” was a deciding issue for voters. The two […]

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Liberals Embrace Big Money Post-Virginia

November 22, 2017

  AUBURN, AL- In what was a very dark Election Day for many conservatives in Virginia, there may be a ray of sunshine emerging: liberals may be on the verge of making the gross mistake of ceding the campaign finance issue to conservatives. An opinion piece in The Washington Post cites Virginia’s loose campaign laws- which allow unlimited contributions to candidates- as the driving force behind the dramatic and radical shift leftward in the state. The foremost example citing is […]

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Open Secrets Shows Need to Broaden Donor Pool

November 13, 2017

Reminder: Open Secrets Shows Need to Broaden Donor Pool, Achieve Reform By TBOR Staff AUBURN, AL- Usually, we highlight new examples that show possible avenues for reform as well as the intense need. Today, however, we want to remind our supporters of a diagram put together by Open Secrets, the non-profit political money-tracking organization. Their article on 2010 congressional elections and how they were funded can be found here: This research is important and shows why we believe what […]

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Take Back Issues Statement on Senator McCain’s Diagnosis

July 20, 2017

“Our hearts go out to Senator John McCain and his family today, and our prayers will certainly be with him as he does what he has done throughout his life- fight. A true American patriot, McCain’s willingness to fight for his country as a soldier, as a POW, and as a public servant has impacted lives around the globe. At Take Back Our Republic, we are particularly inspired by the maverick’s willingness to be among the first to recognize the […]

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Lobbying Industry Means Big Money in the Empire State- A By the Numbers Look

May 2, 2017

In our study on state lobbying, New York has been a chief villain. The Empire State ranked second in growth in overall number (933) and ninth in growth rate (22%). As a reminder, here are a reminder on the year by year numbers from New York: Behind the numbers, however, is an incredible growth in the amount of money being spent on lobbying. From $120 million in spending in 2003, the number topped $210 million in 2013.[1] By 2015, the […]

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Who Will Fight Big Money

October 26, 2016

  Ask Your Candidates  what will they do to restore balance to our democracy?      Dear Take Back Our Republic Supporter,      Together, we are working for a democracy that represents all of us. Right now, our politics are radically out of balance and titled away from voters towards wealthy special interests.      Americans of all political stripes are rightly outraged that our system isn’t working for us, but only for those wealthy special interests. Some Republicans condoned the broken […]

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At Harvard: Pudner Cites HSUS as Example of Why Conservatives Should Join Fight on Big Money Politics

April 3, 2016

With the Final Four this weekend, we kept the college spirit with TBOR Executive Director John Pudner joining Board Member Dr. Richard Painter at Painter’s alma mater Harvard for comments on campaign finance reform. While Laura MacLeery of the Brennan Center and Max Stahl of Democracy Matters made the progressive case regarding big money from industry and private prisons affecting policy and implementation of regulations, we appreciate having the opportunity to point out to Harvard Law students the reasons conservatives should also be concerned […]

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Voters reject big money in ME, OH, KY, WA & CA

November 4, 2015

In the wake of last night’s big election wins for people concerned about money in politics, I hope you will tune intoNew Hampshire’s only statewide call-in radio shownext Tuesday (November 10) from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. where I will be a guest. Also, I will address last night’s election results tomorrow at the Georgia Tea Party meeting in the business office of one of the largest churches in Georgia. Last night’s election results against the undue influence of big […]

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