TBOR California Coordinator featured in American Thinker

August 19, 2020

The whole purpose behind representation is to ensure that elected officials are beholden to their voters. But the source of their campaign funds force these officials to court the interests of a select few, the wealthiest of their donors, the neo-nobility of America. Dark money, secret political spending funneled through groups like LLCs to avoid disclosure and scrutiny for conflicts of interest, will still have a huge influence on the fate of Boyle Heights, Salt Lake City, and other parts of the […]

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Take Back Our Republic Announces Jason Fike as Bay Area California Coordinator

August 18, 2020

Today, the only national conservative money in politics organization, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), named Jason Fike as a California Coordinator to be one of the leaders of the organization’s statewide efforts.  “I’m eager to get to work to help promote campaign finance and democracy reform solutions in California and across the nation,” said Jason. “These reforms are crucial for getting politicians back to representing us – the American public.” “I’m excited to announce the addition of Jason to the […]

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Take Back Our Republic Announces Taylor Gottbetter as California Coordinator

August 6, 2020

Today, the only national conservative money in politics organization, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), named Taylor Gottbetter as a California Coordinator to be one of the leaders of the organization’s statewide efforts.  “I think one of my favorite quotes sums up my excitement about working with TBOR.” said Taylor “The secret to getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain  “I’m excited to add Taylor to the TBOR coordinator ranks. Taylor gives us a great coordinator in Southern California and […]

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TBOR in NewsMax, from the Golden Globes to College Football

January 8, 2019

Americans disagree on everything from politics to their entertainment, with one culture built around Hollywood and another around baseball, college football and music from Muscle Shoals. However, NewsMax features a piece by our Executive Director suggesting that Americans who focused on Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards or Monday’s College Football Championship should both find ways to reform Money in Politics. Click here for the story.  

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Recode Looks at Silicon Valley Donors “Flooding the System” with Cash

August 31, 2018

AUBURN, AL- In what is certainly an interesting read, put together a listing of the burgeoning liberal donor class in Silicon Valley. Among the interesting notes are the nuanced ways Silicon Valley donors are looking to leverage their expertise. Some are loaning staff members to left-leaning organizations to improve their use of technology, some are launching new non-profits or tech ventures, and others are taking a significant oversight role over their political “investments.” Perhaps most alarming is the $5.4 […]

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TBOR Gerrymandering White Paper

July 30, 2018

Gerrymandering Solutions By TBOR Staff AUBURN, AL- There’s a lot to dislike about gerrymandering. It’s unfair. It protects those in power. It silences and disenfranchises a large number of Americans. The reality: gerrymandering means less choice, more entrenched power, and the idea of “foregone conclusions” that runs counter to the very idea of democracy. Gerrymandering is not new to American politics. In 1788, Patrick Henry used his influence to draw districts that would make life more difficult for his political […]

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California Speaker Pro Tem Takes Authorship of Bill Aimed at Dark Money

August 21, 2017

California’s AB 249 has a high profile new author. With former Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez sworn in as a member of Congress last month, Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Mullin is taking lead on the bill aimed at dark money. Mullin is no stranger to reform issues. Earlier this year, he was at the center of a movement to reform local campaign finance laws, which were out of control. Now, he is aiming his political capital at dark money. This bill, AB […]

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Pudner Talks Reform at GET Summit in San Francisco

May 18, 2017

On Wednesday, Take Back Executive Director John Pudner joined Greg Schneider (Information Systems Director at Follow the Money, Dan Morain (Editorial Page Editor at The Sacramento Bee), and Daniel Newman (President and Co-Founder of MapLight) at the Global Election Technology Summit in San Francisco for a panel discussion on technology, campaign finance reform, and current events.    

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Take Back Swings Through San Diego

May 12, 2017

Take Back Our Republic Board Member Francis Johnson, right, took Executive Director John Pudner through an impressive array of leaders in San Diego Thursday. Meetings included Republicans attending an RNC meeting, the offices of Members of the Democratic Delegation (Rep. Susan Davis and Scott Peters) and the operation of the Independent Voter Project. Next week Pudner moves to Northern California for meetings set up by Western Developmental Director Doug Nickle.

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A GOP Mega-Donor, Baseball Player & Rock Star Walk Into a Dallas Bar…

April 24, 2017

…and talk about campaign finance reform. Some in Dallas may have done a double take at the sight of Executive Director John Pudner walking into a bar with the developer of the Dallas skyline, a former major league baseball player, and was that the Foo Fighter’s frontman? Pudner’s opportunity to talk one-on-one with the other three about the growing momentum in most state chapters for conservative solutions for campaign finance reform advocated by came courtesy of Bill Shireman, who organized […]

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