Take Back Our Republic President and Coordinator Talk 28th Amendment in DC

May 23, 2019

Yesterday on Capitol Hill Take Back Our Republic Board President Francis Johnson, along with New England Regional Chair Jim Rubens spoke to a bipartisan group of legislators about the need for a 28th Amendment. “We need to get dark money out of politics. It stifles free speech” said Board President Francis Johnson during the briefing. Johnson and Rubens were also joined by members of American Promise, a partner organization, focused on the 28th Amendment. Special thanks to all who attended […]

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Take Back Makes A Stop In Connecticut

May 20, 2019

Take Back Our Republic Connecticut coordinator Gregory Byrnes and Executive Director John Pudner met with hundreds of “their closest friends” at the Connecticut State Capitol this Saturday afternoon. They took the message of how pay-for-play politics is the reason politicians take more money from residents. In Connecticut’s case, a toll is being voted on, but the law then gives politicians and bureaucrats the ability to raise rates as much as they want without ever going back to the voters. While we cropped the […]

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Guest Op-ed from North Dakota Coordinator Liz Grey Bear

April 12, 2019

From the desk of Elizabeth Rich Grey Bear The ND Senate Bill 2148 hearing I attended at the North Dakota state capitol in March was striking for me. The one sentence resounding by one of the legislators speaking, I believe it was from a question posed by Josh Boschee, remains key for [TBOR], a conservative solutions entity for campaign finance reform. The question was asked by the former candidate, who ran against our sitting Secretary of State, Al Jaeger, […]

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TBOR Staff and Coordinators Stop in Houston

February 19, 2019

Members of the C Club, the top 100 business leaders in Houston, met with TBOR Executive Director John Pudner and Texas Coordinator John Draper to discuss TBOR proposals. Pudner and Draper then attended Texas Governor Abbott’s State of the State speech for Houston (a follow-up to his speech at the Capitol). You can view the beginning of Governor Abbott’s speech below.

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North Dakota Coordinator Lays Out Need For Reform

August 14, 2018

Imagine one of our legislators telling a lobbyist that they aren’t interested in lunch, but I will accept that bribe instead of lunch with you? Our state like Arizona, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho and New Mexico have no ethics commission for watchdog oversight on bribery with penalty, violation of disclosures, false statements, foreign donors, misuse of confidential information and a litany of other felonies and misdemeanors against we the people. Money and politics is nothing new, however, when monitored […]

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2-Week Lone Star-Buckeye Shuttle Concludes in Dallas

May 10, 2018

DALLAS – Meg Bartos (center of photo above) kindly invited us to wrap up our two weeks of shuttling between Ohio and Texas with a well-attended event at her Kanju Interiors in Dallas. To her far left are Take Back Our Republic Texas Coordinator Patricia Embry, then her husband Blair. To Meg’s right is a great ally Brad Hillinger, whose organization acts on our shared concern about political giving from private prisons blocking incarceration reform, and Executive Director John Pudner. […]

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TAKE BACK Coordinators Wrap Up Texas Week With Reform Appeal to Conservatives

October 11, 2017

DALLAS – Texas Take Back Our Republic Coordinators Itamar Gelbman and Patricia Embry, joined Executive Director John Pudner (photo above) wrapped up a week of Texas meetings with an appeal for conservatives to join the fight for reform. The third Texas Coordinator Eric Yang is at Harvard for the school year. Pudner made the case that libertarians should reject the argument that they should favor no reform, and allow systems such as South Dakota’s law allowing secret gifts to politicians, […]

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Over a Million watch Pudner on Fox News

August 11, 2017

The TV ratings are in!  More than 1.1 million people watched Take Back’s Executive Director John Pudner on “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton” on Sunday, July 30. That was a 26% increase in the show’s audience from the previous week — far more viewers than watched CNN’s “The Nineties” and almost double the number who watched MSNBC’s “Dateline Extra” during the time slot. Take Back coordinators organized house parties to watch Pudner’s interview; and tweets encouraging viewership reached hundreds of thousands […]

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Take Back Coordinator Featured In Missouri Times

June 9, 2017

Jacob Scott has been a familiar face in the Missouri Capitol since 2014, as he has become one of the top young staffers on the Senate side of the building. …Outside of his work in the government, Scott still finds time for politics. He volunteers for a nonprofit called Take Back Our Republic, a group whose stated purpose is to change campaign financing to give more power to individuals rather than corporations and labor unions. He serves as a regional […]

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Shelly Sponholz KY, OH, PA, WV

March 9, 2017

States Kentucky Ohio Pennsylvania West Virginia

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