Town Hall Debate Question Leads to Secret Contributions Discussion

October 11, 2016

  With all the distractions associated with the last Presidential debate, most will not remember the name Beth Miller, but we at Take Back Our Republic continue to work to make certain that the conversation she sparked there continues. Miller, an undecided voter, was chosen to pose a question to the candidates and she was the individual who ignored the drama and instead, asked about something that truly matters to voters – the influence money can have on campaigns and […]

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VP Debate proves need for H.R. 4177

October 6, 2016

In the Vice Presidential debate, both candidates accused the other campaign of being susceptible to foreign influences. Regardless of the validity of the claims raised by either side, these accusations illustrate the importance of the work Take Back Our Republic is pursuing to pass HR 4177. This legislation amends the Federal Election Campaign Act to prevent campaigns, political committees, and most importantly, elected officials from accepting credit card contributions unless the source can be as identified as coming from a […]

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VP Debate Touches on Foreign Money

October 5, 2016

Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner was on site at Longwood University to watch the Vice Presidential debate with a faculty member. While the debate provided many contentious points that are dominating the headlines, Pudner was pleased with a take away many are foolishly ignoring following Tuesday’s debate: both candidates agree that foreign money is a problem. TBOR has been working relentlessly to support H.R.4177 to close a loophole that has allowed foreign donations to enter the country. […]

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Miami Debate 1 Recap

March 10, 2016

MIAMI – As Our Regional Coordinators from the West Coast (Francis Johnson) to the Southeast (Joe Comerford) and I converged in Miami along with all six Presidential candidates and their supporters, the first debate featured the candidates being prevented from talking about campaign finance reform. Many complain about politicians not coming up with real solutions for money in politics, but the debate here tonight was an example of the moderator being the problem. Univision debate moderator Jorge Ramos certainly asked […]

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Tonight’s debate, Al-Jazeera, our legislation

December 16, 2015

Tonight’s debate, Al–Jazeera, our legislation Six days after Al–Jazeera America attacked our proposal to make sure unverified credit card contributions were not coming from overseas, Tuesday’s Presidential debate featured renewed charges that Iran is receiving $150 billion even if they ultimately reject the compromise agreed upon with The United States and the international community earlier this year. In light of this amount of money hinging on Government decisions, the GOP sponsor (Paul Gosar) of the bill based on our Educational Papers […]

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