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Executive Director John Pudner featured in The Hill: “Any mail-in voting efforts must be fair to both sides”

April 30, 2020

“Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to support both greater ballot access and election integrity. Stopping voter fraud and making sure every qualified voter who wants to vote is able to vote is not an either-or proposal.” “The key to sending $1.6 billion to the states to enable them to administer elections should hinge on moving these issues from a hyper partisan fight to settling on a sound policy that allows for both easier mail-in voting and protecting the […]

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TBOR Board Member Sarah Hunt Talks Technology And Election Integrity

February 15, 2020

Take Back Our Republic’s newest board member Sarah Hunt was recently featured in Salon where she spoke about technology, election integrity, and the recent Iowas Caucus. “The chaos surrounding the 2020 Iowa caucus two weeks ago was a bellwether, heralding another transformational moment. Our willingness to take action will define America’s trajectory. The events unfolding in the heartland of our country are a wake-up call to the entire nation. They highlight the importance of protecting the security and integrity of our […]

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Measure Limiting Campaign Contributions to Hit Portland Ballots

August 30, 2018

AUBURN, AL- Most Americans would be surprised to know that liberal bastion Oregon has among the nation’s most permissive campaign finance laws in the country. Individuals, PACs, parties, and unions are able to give unlimited sums to candidates. But, Portland voters have the opportunity to change that locally as they consider a measure that reforms the campaign finance system and limits individual contributions to $500. Supporters of the measure gathered 34,227 signatures to put the measure on the ballot, and […]

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Director of Compliance Job Posting

June 21, 2018

Organization Overview: Take Back Our Republic (TBOR) is a $1MM+, eight-person non-profit educating the public on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform. Their mission is to become the leading organization in developing a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and that every election is financed with transparency by the people to be governed and not by outside special interests. TBOR engages in research, education, and advocacy in favor of returning political power to […]

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Daily Caller Latest of Top 16 Conservative Outlets to Cover Push for Disclosing Gifts from Government Contractors

February 28, 2016

Add The Daily Caller to the conservative outlets linking to our comments in support of an executive order to disclose gifts from government contractors receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Representatives of four of the top 16 conservative sites according to Right Wing News have taken interest in the issue. This in addition to One America News, the conservative cable network where Sarah Palin re-emerged after leaving Fox News. The link to the broadcast will be available soon for those […]

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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.



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