Executive Director John Pudner on GA Absentee Ballot Issues

July 16, 2020

“The vast majority of election day and now absentee ballot application problems in Georgia continue to be in Democratically controlled Fulton County. Liberal reform groups can’t continue to blame Republicans running the state for the decisions made by Democratic election officials in Fulton County. Chiding the Secretary of State to go after all the counties to accept email applications for absentee ballots when the SoS office just went after the only county that wasn’t doing it – Fulton County – […]

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How Instant Runoff Can Help In GA Post Covid-19

March 30, 2020

Josh Jones joined Martha Zoller on her morning radio show last week to discuss how Instant Runoffs could benefit the state of Georgia not only financially but also from a health standpoint post Covid-19 since instant runoffs would only require you to go to the polls once. To listen to the interview click below.

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Take Back Action Fund Advisory Board Chairman Interviews Johns Creek City Councilman On Instant Runoffs

February 26, 2020

Last week Advisory Board Chairman for Take Back Action Fund (TBAF) Martha Zoller interviewed John’s Creek City Councilman Chris Coughlin. Martha and Chris discussed Instant Runoffs in Georgia. You can listen to the interview below. Take Back Action Fund is the sister organization to Take Back Our Republic. Martha Zoller and Chris Coughlin Interview

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Executive Director John Pudner On Why Instant Runoffs Will Save Money In Georgia

February 13, 2020

“Instant-runoff most importantly saves Georgia a ton of money. The local option wouldjust be saying the locality can use this instead of a traditional run-off if they want andrunning a run-off kills local budgets. For example, DeKalb County has to pay about$300,000 if they end up having to run a run-off. For Fulton County, it’s $1.1 million andfor Cobb County, it’s almost $300,000. So for a lot of these localities, especially smallerones, run-offs are a real budget breaker. If they […]

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Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner On Why We Need The Electoral College

February 7, 2020

A few days before the U.S. Senate impeachment trial wrapped up with only one Republican and one Democrat breaking with their party, three Democrats broke with party 100 miles south of D.C. to defeat an attempt to basically give Virginia’s electoral votes away to big cities like Los Angeles and New York The three votes were decisive in the 10-12 loss for HB 177, an attempt to get a 17th state to agree to give up their electoral votes by having […]

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John Pudner Talks Instant Runoffs On The Matha Zoller Show

January 14, 2020

Earlier this morning Executive Director John Pudner was a guest on Georgia’s most conservative morning radio show with Martha Zoller. John talked about how instant runoffs help keep voter turnout high and save states millions of dollars in costly runoffs. To listen to the interview in its entirety click below.

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TBOR ED and 140 Others Attend Fulton County Breakfast

January 13, 2020

Take Back Our Republic ED and Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner talked voter reform issues at a breakfast attended by 140 people Saturday morning in Fulton County, Georgia. The newest US Senator, Kelly Loeffler, and State Senate Pro Tem Jan Jones provided updates on the Capitol Hill and the State Capitol in Atlanta. Pudner also met with a local official later in the day regarding a potential measure to save localities and the state money through an election […]

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TBOR Volunteers Talk Instant Runoffs at GA Event

August 28, 2019

TBOR volunteers attended a GA Fish Fry event this past Saturday to educate guests on Instant Runoff in the state. Our sister organization, Take Back Action Fund, was also represented at the event.  

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Double-Check Instant Runoff Voting Could be First Step for Several States

August 2, 2019

For many reasons, Take Back Our Republic is a strong supporter of Instant Runoffs (also called Ranked Choice Voting). For states that currently have runoffs,  it can eliminate the need for voters to return to the polls almost two months later for a runoff to save money. For states without runoffs, it encourages more ideas, more civil campaigns, and more representative results because candidates know launching vicious attacks makes it hard to get to 50% + 1. We truly believe […]

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Georgia Maintains Current Voting System Ahead of November Election

September 20, 2018

AUBURN, AL- Election officials in Georgia breathed a sigh of relief when federal Judge Amy Totenberg denied a request for an injunction that would force the state to switch to paper ballots mere weeks before early voting begins October 15th. The state was being sued due to fears of the insecurity of the touchscreen voting system used in its elections. Georgia stands as one of only 5 states that do not use paper ballots. Legislative efforts to require paper ballots […]

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