Detroit Free Press Op-Ed by TBOR ED on Crucial Gerrymandering Decision

July 27, 2018

Take Back Executive Director John Pudner shared two Detroit Free Press posts today. The largest newspaper in Michigan’s 245,326 print copy readers was more than the second and third biggest newspapers combined (Detroit News 146,962 and Grand Rapids Press 97,822) before counts went exclusively to the much larger online readerships. The sports section celebrated the 1984 Detroit Tigers team that Pudner has written (see Breitbart Sports post) was the greatest in the history of baseball in the Central region as they […]

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Time to End Gerrymandering

July 26, 2018

Democrats rig voting maps when they’re in power, so it’s no surprise that Republicans do it too. But no matter which party is rigging our elections, it hurts Americans and undermines our fundamental right to choose our politicians. To read the article from TheHill on gerrymandering in Michigan click here.

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The Drive Against Gerrymandering

July 23, 2018

The movement to take politics out of setting legislative district boundaries seemed to suffer a grievous, and perhaps even mortal, blow this spring when the Supreme Court passed up three chances to declare partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. But it turns out that reports of its death are exaggerated. As federal courts dither over how to resolve the issue, activists have begun tackling it state by state at the grassroots. In Michigan, a proposed constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering, written and promoted […]

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Take Back’s John Pudner featured in Newsmax

June 19, 2018

The vast majority of Americans are fed up and want the FixIt America approach of ending overt gerrymandering and secret political payments that let politicians choose their voters rather than the other way around. The good news is the same computer programs that enabled partisans to draw ridiculous districts that leave voters hours from their “representatives” can just as easily create the districts that revitalize our democracy. To read more on Pudners take on the Supreme Courts decision on Gerrymandering click here. […]

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Take Back’s John Pudner meets with Virginia Senator Chase

May 21, 2018

Monday morning Take Back Executive Director John Pudner met with Senator Amanda Chase, who like John previously worked to elect U.S. Congressman Dave Brat before being elected her self to the Virginia state senate. Pudner thanks Amanda for her leadership role in introducing measures to create greater transparency, reform gerrymandering, and campaign finance reform since being elected. Senator Chase also chairs the transparency caucus which is a bipartisan caucus in the Virginia legislature which has enacted measures such as live […]

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3rd Election the Charm! Ohioans Vote 1,158,492 to 389,731 to End Gerrymandering

May 9, 2018

COLUMBUS, OH – During the year Ohio voted to re-elect President Obama by a 51% to 48% margin, voters rejected redistricting reform for the second time. After shifting 11-points more “red” to support President Trump by a 51% to 43% margin, voters also reversed on redistricting reform tonight for an incredible 74% to 26% margin voting YES on Issue One with all but a few provisional ballots and precincts outstanding.   The victory room spoke for itself as the Take Back Our […]

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8 Days to Stop ACLU & Gerrymandering Debacle Starting in Ohio

April 30, 2018

8 DAYS LEFT! Email or call 334.329.7258 to counter the ACLU’s efforts to block gerrymandering reform. If the ACLU is successful in Ohio, prepare for nasty multi-million campaigns to elect extreme Supreme Court judges to take over redistricting state-by-state. See our Facebook post on the phoning or mailing efforts you can join today. We left the Cincinnati Archdiocese with a copy of the pro-Issue One bulletin insert going to all churches in the state urging a YES vote for […]

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RepresntUS Josh Silver talks gerrymandering

April 4, 2018

Thankfully, we’re beginning to see real reform emerge on this issue. With the landmark case Gill v. Whitford, as well as partisan congressional maps struck down in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, we’re seeing movement towards redistricting laws that are fair and equitable. Nearly three-quarters of Americans across the political spectrum favor the Supreme Court setting limits on partisan gerrymandering. Entrenched political operatives on both sides of the aisle use partisan gerrymandering to build political power and pick their voters. It is institutionalized […]

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What Can a Republican and a Democrat in Congress Agree on? A Need for Reform

September 6, 2017

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI 8th District) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA 17th District) are clear about one thing: they don’t agree on much. Aside from being first term congressmen and among the youngest members of the body (Gallagher is 33 and Khanna is 40), there are few similarities. Beyond party, Gallagher is a former Marine from dairy-country. Khanna taught economics in the Silicon Valley. Yet, they both are coming together to promote systematic reform. The two recently elected leaders wrote […]

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A Super-Majority of Americans Agree They Lack Influence in Washington

July 17, 2017

In today’s climate, there may be no greater challenge than getting a super-majority of Americans to agree on anything. Yet, the AP found one such issue in a recent poll. “Three-quarters of Americans agree that people like themselves have too little influence in Washington, rare unanimity across political, economic, racial and geographical lines and including both those who approve and disapprove of President Donald Trump, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”[1] This […]

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