Political-Industrial Complex Attacks TBOR for Fight Against Gerrymandering

June 25, 2019

The shrill reaction of critics in the political-industrial complex to Take Back Our Republic daring to challenge the redistricting process in Massachusetts are included in this piece in the Talking Points Memo. They are eerily similar to the reaction of the political-industrial complex to this National Review article a year before Take Back Our Republic was formed, when they expressed the same contempt for our now Executive Director’s decision to run Dave Brat against the sitting Majority Leader Eric Cantor. […]

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New Hampshire Grassroots Support Continues to Grow

April 30, 2019

Whoa! Gadzooks! Eureka! Thank you, John Pudner (Monitor Opinion, April 26). In case you missed it, Democrats and Republicans have and should find, something to agree upon in what Pudner has to say. Take the time to read it. Get behind it and support this bill. Let’s get dark money out of our elections and campaigns for public office. Restore our democracy to the people. Contact your state representatives in the House and Senate now to support HB 504. Did I say […]

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Momentum Continues to Build in South Carolina

March 12, 2019

Take Back Our Republic coordinator Adam “Vance” Miller was in Greer, South Carolina (a city in both Greenville and Spartanburg Counties) last night talking about our mission at Take Back Our Republic to the Greenville/Spartanburg Republican Women. Later in the night, Vance was also able to get some time with Greenville County GOP Chairman, Nate Leupp, to discuss TBOR and what we’re doing to organize the grassroots in South Carolina (photos of Vance below). At the same time, lead South […]

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Campaign Finance Abuser Now Aims for Trump Impeachment

October 27, 2017

 Campaign Finance Abuser Now Aims for Trump Impeachment By TBOR Staff   AUBURN, AL- We have previously chronicled the efforts of Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire who is one of the foremost abusers of the campaign finance system, to buy elections. Now, he aims to spend money to undermine one. According to Open Secrets, Steyer spent $74 million in the 2014 cycle, $90 million in the 2016 cycle, and already $6 million in the 2018 cycle- all for liberal causes. […]

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Take Back Our Republic Coordinator Encourages Ohio Congressman to Support H.R. 1341

August 31, 2017

Take Back Our Republic and its citizen advocates are everywhere. On Wednesday, at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast, one of our coordinators shared information about H.R. 1341 with Congressman Dave Joyce (R-OH 14th District). The bill, sponsored by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ 4th District), is inspired by Take Back Our Republic’s idea to close the credit card loophole that opens the door for foreign individuals and entities to affect our elections. This pivotal legislation was brought to the attention of […]

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Illinois State Senate Bill 1424 Seeks to Restore Influence to the People

March 20, 2017

Illinois Legislation Seeks to Restore Influence to the People 3.20.17 By TBOR Staff   AUBURN, AL- There is always significant reason for excitement when lawmakers build on the grassroots momentum for influence reform. Such is the case with Illinois Senator Daniel Bliss (D-Evanston) who made the following argument for reform: “I don’t buy the argument that Illinois can’t afford to do this. Illinois can’t afford not to do this. When you look at how we got into the mess we’re […]

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Drudge Report & Time Magazine Reference Take Back ED in Cover Stories

February 3, 2017

  For the second time since the formation of Take Back Our Republic (Take Back), Executive Director John Pudner is mentioned in an article on Drudge Report, and this time it is courtesy of him appearing in the cover story of Time Magazine. The account of the past work with Steve Bannon occurred before John Pudner gave up Republican consulting to work full-time in search of conservative solutions by starting Take Back and Bannon gave up Breitbart to lead the […]

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Missouri Taxation with Representation Act Inundated with Support at Rules Committee Hearing

January 27, 2017

Take Back Our Republic supporter and Missouri state Senator Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph’s Taxation with Representation Act was heard before the Missouri state committee on rules. Taxation with Representation, also known as Senate Bill 1 was inundated with testimony of support for the bill by leaders and grassroots citizens across the country. To read the full press release on Senate Bill 1 click here.

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Quoted by NY Times; reserve copy of our 1st book

October 20, 2015

The New York Times recently quoted me for the perspective ofTake Back Our Republicon the growing power of small donors to counter balance mega donors. Click on this image for the entire story. When we launched our efforts many doubted how small donors could offset mega donors. In less than a year, Take Back Our Republic overcame these doubts due to people like you building our state grassroots chapters, spreading our educational papers, talking to local press and contributing to […]

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Conservative Solutions for Campaign Finance Reform

September 17, 2015

Ohio Conservative Review We Can Honor the Grassroots Money and the Constitution as We Reform Campaign Finance Campaign finance reform.This phrase seems to have become synonymous with progressive policies like top-down government mandates and financial restrictions. It_s time to change that. Ahead of the 2016 election cycle, the issue of money in politics and the resulting common frustration with the outsized influence held by mega-donors will increasingly come into focus. Conservatives across the country, particularly here in Ohio, have an […]

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