Transparency Victory on Capitol Hill

September 25, 2018

Executive Director John Pudner is on Capitol Hill after a great victory for transparency, and in support of HR1341 to cut off foreign infiltration in our elections through massive unverified credit card contributions. He is pictured above Tuesday morning with Kevin Kosar of RStreet, one of our fasted growing allies, at a forum on the separation of powers and need for Congress to act to represent people rather than defer to judicial activism and executive orders. Pudner commented two weeks […]

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TBOR Campaigns in North Dakota And Congratulates Tuesday’s (Unnamed) Alabama Winners

July 18, 2018

Take Back Our Republic congratulates all the nominees selected in the primary in our home state of Alabama tonight. We will not mention names in this post since we must be careful not to promote candidates as they enter the general election – but Executive Director John Pudner’s former employer the Alabama Farmers Federation scored a huge upset in a Lt. Governor’s primary. Ironically, the current Governor of Alabama also won an upset election for Lt. Governor when Pudner was […]

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Close Door to Foreign Campaign Money, Open It To Reform

May 9, 2018

ActBlue is the one vendor who continues to add to the billions of dollars sent to candidates through unverified gift or credit card contributions, an open invitation for foreign interests to subvert U.S. laws. Now it turns out they are also sending questionable contributions that break campaign limits from liberal activist Rosie O’Donnell. Once Take Back Our Republic Advisory Committee Member Peter Schweizer pointed out foreign interests could easily subvert U.S. Campaign laws by funneling political attack money through unverified […]

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Take Back Goes to Nashville to Meet With Leaders From Most US States, Territories

August 26, 2017

Take Back team members testified in New Mexico, held meetings across from Manhattan, and spent several days in Nashville culminated Saturday afternoon with (from left); Kimberly Ishmael (KY), Leah Thompson (TN), John Pudner (AL), Heidi Behnke (GA), Brandon Neal (TN) and Mike Warren (TN). The blistering pace will continue throughout the Southeast with a blitz of Florida that starts near Miami on Tuesday, then continues on to West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. Western Director Doug Nickle testified on the need […]

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Call 202.224.3121, Committees Consider Making Our Bill a Law!

August 4, 2017

School House Rock taught grade school students ever since Generation X about how a bill became a law in Saturday morning cartoons. Now you can be part of the process by calling 202.224.3121 and entering your zip code to leave a message for your Member of Congress to sponsor HR1341 and your two Senators to sponsor S1660. You do not even need to know their names before you call! Here are the steps from that old cartoon, and where this […]

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BREAKING: Take Back White Paper Basis for BIPARTISAN Legislation in Both Chambers

July 28, 2017

Just when it looked like no one could get anything done over the partisan divide, surprise bipartisan co-sponsors emerged in both the House and Senate for legislation based on an Educational Paper written by Take Back Our Republic. With so many large special interest groups fighting for legislation, few in Capitol Hill noticed when a few former Republican campaign workers kicked off Take Back Our Republic in 2015, and released a group of Educational Papers to educate the public and advocate that […]

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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.



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