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Close Door to Foreign Campaign Money, Open It To Reform

May 9, 2018

ActBlue is the one vendor who continues to add to the billions of dollars sent to candidates through unverified gift or credit card contributions, an open invitation for foreign interests to subvert U.S. laws. Now it turns out they are also sending questionable contributions that break campaign limits from liberal activist Rosie O’Donnell. Once Take Back Our Republic Advisory Committee Member Peter Schweizer pointed out foreign interests could easily subvert U.S. Campaign laws by funneling political attack money through unverified […]

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Campaign Finance Fine Leads to Jail-time

August 23, 2017

A former Montana legislator has been jailed for failing to pay a campaign finance fine. Wesley Prouse accepted $9,000 in illegal contributions in a 2010 State Senate primary campaign. He had previously served in the State House in the late 90s. The contributions resulted in a $59,000 fine, and Prouse had the option to provide documentation that showed he was unable to pay. He declined to do so. For Prouse, the illegal contributions, failure to disclose them, and use of […]

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Getting through (literal) mud-slinging to Presidential Candidates

December 3, 2015

Getting through (literal) mud-slinging to Presidential Candidates An open letter to all Presidential campaigns – we proved this week that even mud-slinging will not stop us from getting to each and every Presidential candidate regarding conservative solutions for campaign finance reform (see Bloomberg story today, and recent New Hampshire and Wisconsin interviews). This week we were invited to Capitol Hill (next Wednesday at 1 p.m.) for the announcement of bipartisan legislation being introduced to address unverified credit card contributions that enable […]

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