Uygur and Pudner Clash on Barr on Largest On-line News Network

May 2, 2019

The week after Carolina Fox news featured him after Senator Lindsay Graham, TBOR’s Executive Director John Pudner debated Cenk Uygur on the California-based The Young Turks. The 11-minute segment ran on The Young Turks online network which draws 80 million visits a month to rival the biggest traditional networks in the country, and the Wednesday night interview can be seen by clicking here. Pudner disagreed with Uygur’s view that Congress should now continue investigations or impeachment, and pointed to just-released […]

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More than Impeachment: Steyer Now Funding Soros-Founded Immigrant PAC

February 28, 2018

AUBURN, AL- Liberal mega-donor Tom Steyer continues to expand his profile ahead of a possible 2020 presidential run. The largest donor of the 2016 election cycle, he has already increased his national footprint with an 8-figure ad campaign aimed at impeaching President Trump. With ads featuring himself on camera, it is fair to speculate whether Steyer has his sights set on the highest office in the land. Now, his efforts have expanded to funding the George Soros founded “Immigrant Voters […]

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Campaign Finance Abuser Now Aims for Trump Impeachment

October 27, 2017

 Campaign Finance Abuser Now Aims for Trump Impeachment By TBOR Staff   AUBURN, AL- We have previously chronicled the efforts of Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire who is one of the foremost abusers of the campaign finance system, to buy elections. Now, he aims to spend money to undermine one. According to Open Secrets, Steyer spent $74 million in the 2014 cycle, $90 million in the 2016 cycle, and already $6 million in the 2018 cycle- all for liberal causes. […]

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