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Executive Director John Pudner featured on the podcast “Toppling the Duopoly”

January 15, 2021

“In this episode of Toppling the Duopoly, nationally-recognized expert in election reform and host Shawn Griffiths interviews John Pudner, the executive director of the nonpartisan nonprofit Take Back Our Republic. Take Back Our Republic is committed to educating the public on conservative solutions to reform. In the process, it builds nonpartisan coalitions to take on corruption in the political process, shine a light on dark money, end partisan gerrymandering, and implement instant runoff voting (more well known as ranked choice […]

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TBOR ED Discusses Election Fraud and Possible Changes for the Next Election

November 18, 2020

This week TBOR Executive Director John Pudner discussed election fraud and 4 potential reforms for the next election with Jeff Biggs of KTRH in Houston. To listen to John and Jeff’s discussion click below. Election Fraud: Possible Changes For Next Time

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Executive Director Outlines 4 Potential Election Reforms

November 17, 2020

TV networks broadcast clashes at voting facilities for the first time in 20 years.  In response, most conservatives would likely rally around Election Day standards for mail-in ballots throughout the country, such as allowing observers from each party to witness the matching of voters’ signatures before a ballot is opened and counted — thus providing the same security as checking ID for in-person voting. While those reforms would solve many Election Day problems, this chaotic election also lends itself to four […]

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Hannity Says He Wishes TBAF President Election Prediction Wrong

November 13, 2020

Thursday 28 million radio listeners to Sean Hannity’s show tuned in for a show featuring Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner, US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute. Click for the show in its entirety. At the 1:02 mark Hannity introduces Pudner and Eggers, and then starts to ask Pudner questions at the 1:06 mark before concluding at the 1:28 mark by stating that he wished both were wrong in their pre-election predictions. […]

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Executive Director Starts Day On Fox News Radio Tour

November 6, 2020

Executive Director John Pudner spent the moring on multiple Fox News radio interviews regarding the truth about the vote-counting process and eventual winners. The projection email I sent you Election Day morning (below) and the prediction email from last week proved to be extremely accurate as the count continues to play out. I refuted the media and polling predictions of a blowout for Biden and the Democrats and correctly forecast a close Biden win BUT Republican control of the Senate, baring the […]

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TBOR Executive Director Crunches Election Day Numbers for the Hill

October 27, 2020

While we do not endorse candidates, TBOR Executive Director John Pudner crunched the election numbers for the Hill today. In 2016, he predicted Trump’s win by picking 48 of 50 states correctly as well as Clinton’s popular vote win within one point. However, this year he believes Trump will fall short but that the Republican ground game and huge election day edge will let Republicans win a couple of come-from-behind wins (perhaps 2 from NC, IA, ME, MN or MI) […]

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Executive Director Interviewed on Sinclair TV Stations

October 22, 2020

John Pudner, the President of Take Back Action Fund and Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic, was interviewed Wednesday on Sinclair TV stations such as WJLA in Washington DC. The story aired the day before the final Presidential Debate. To find the Sinclair TV affiliate in your area, see this list below of more than 200 stations listed by state and location. To watch the story, click here  State City of license / Market Station Channel AL Birmingham – […]

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TBOR Executive Director Quoted in IBTimes On Day 2 of Barrett Hearings

October 13, 2020

John Pudner, president of the conservative Take Back Our Republic, said it’s not surprising the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to get the process underway just 22 days ahead of Election Day. “While the Supreme Court closes for Columbus Day, 29 states no longer count Columbus Day as a holiday, and 79% of American students believe it should no longer be celebrated, so I doubt any progressives genuinely have any objection to senators or anyone else working on Columbus Day,” “At […]

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Executive Director John Pudner Quoted in IBTimes on Impact of Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

October 2, 2020

This morning TBOR’s John Pudner was quoted in the IBTimes on how President Trumps postive COVID-19 test will affect the coming election. “Our Constitution can handle the crisis of the president contracting COVID-19, but can the citizens handle it?”  “Even if Trump ends up unable to fulfill his presidential duties to his satisfaction, the Constitution provides an avenue for him to convey this so that Americans would know they were choosing between ‘Biden-Harris’ and perhaps ‘Pence-Haley’ even if their ballot […]

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TBOR Executive Director Quoted in The Hill Regarding New Presidential Polling

October 2, 2020

The Hill quoted TBOR’s Executive Director John Pudner, though the interview was conducted before news of the President and First Lady testing positive for COVID, everyone at TBOR wish’s them both a speedy recovery. “It’s concerning,” said John Pudner, a veteran Republican campaign operative who now runs the nonpartisan group Take Back Our Republic. “I think Trump’s polling and his miscues at the debate are especially a cause for concern in those tight races in Georgia, South Carolina and Iowa … […]

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