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Wisconsin Statewide TV Covers TBOR Final 5 Push

May 14, 2021

Take Back Our Republic Made the case for Final 5 voting in this Roanoke Times oped, by recruiting large crowds for a presentation and launch, and for going to the people in a statewide listening tour. However, perhaps no effort made the need for Final 5 more clear than this great segment on statewide TV in Wisconsin in this Spectrum interview.

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Roanoke Times Features TBOR Regarding Final 5 on Eve of GOP Convention

May 7, 2021

Click here for the Roanoke Times Op-Ed which begins: The combination of ranked-choice voting and the VA State GOP convention May 8 may offer a pathway to a “Final 5” election process that revives the giant State Conventions of the 1990s. In the 1990s, three efforts in Virginia turned out 13,000 or more Republican state delegates to choose the Republican party’s statewide nominees. Candidates and their teams visited every County or City GOP Mass Meeting and let the people in […]

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GOP Sweeps Jungle Primary; Final 5 Ramifications

May 4, 2021

Saturday a Texas jungle primary assured Republicans of a Congressional win in a district won narrowly by President Trump (51% to 48%). This result, covered in Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball (see forwarded email below) makes an interesting case study for proponents of moving to a “Final 5” system to elect candidates.  Instant Runoffs. Assuming you never heard of Final 5, the system has two parts. To go out of order, the second part is an instant runoff, supported by both Take Back Our […]

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TBOR Wraps Up Western States Tour

April 26, 2021

TBOR Executive Director John Pudner wrapped up 8 days of a Western Tour around the Denver Capitol today. Meetings Monday included government affairs leaders, reform leaders, and TBOR Colorado coordinators. The tour started last week in Salt Lake City, Utah where John was joined by Western Field Director Clark Caras, Donor Liaison Jessica Murphy, and Board Member Sarah Hunt for multiple stops around the city.

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Washington Times Op-Ed: TBOR ED Argues Court Packing Worse than FDR

April 22, 2021

The Washington Times featured an op-ed by the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic arguing that the current attempt to pack the court is far worse than even the last attempt to do the same in 1937: “At least in Roosevelt’s defense almost the entire country supported his agenda at that time. His popular vote win was more than five times as great as President Biden’s margin, and Roosevelt won the Electoral College 523-8, while Mr. Biden’s Electoral College […]

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Court Packing and Civics Education Top of Fox News Radio Interviews

April 16, 2021

This morning Fox News Radio Stations across the country interviewed Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner regarding the proposal to pack the Supreme Court with four additional liberal Supreme Court picks. Pudner discussed the threat, the potential true end game of this effort to change actual Supreme Court cases. He believes the reason proposals like this are made is that Americans are now taught political activism rather than being given a Civics Education.  Without Civics Education, Americans have […]

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TBOR Executive Director featured on WGN Radio 720 – The Voice of Chicago

April 14, 2021

In an interview with Jim Bohannan, John Pudner highlighted the focus of Take Back Our Republic in 2021. “We are looking for conservative reforms on issues regarding pay for play politics. You know I mentioned Hunter Biden, that is one that we hit where it seems like a family member is being paid off on policy that affects us.” We are also focusing on some “voting innovation, instant runoff is kind of a new concept but even though we argue […]

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RealClearPolitics Follow-up on Dark Money Story with TBOR ED

February 12, 2021

Susan Crabtree of RealClearPolitics, which previously featured TBOR Executive Director John Pudner, ran this follow-up story regarding if officials will be willing to put limits on dark money now that Democrats are in charge and dominating dark money in the 2020 elections and Georgia Senate runoffs. The interview with Pudner a year ago in the story Bloomberg Camp Denies Funding of Flawed Iowa Voting App warned of what might play out in the new storyDems Beat GOP at Dark-Money Game. Will […]

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TBOR ED’s Comments on Pelosi Stock Buy featured in BizPacReview

February 4, 2021

A watchdog group is pointing to a stock purchase last month made by Paul Pelosi, a multimillion-dollar venture capitalist who reportedly purchased up to $1 million worth of stocks in Tesla when the price of the company’s stock was about $640 a share. Late last week, the stock’s price had risen nearly $200 a share, closing Thursday at $838 on the NASDAQ. “It’s corrupt and unacceptable for members of Congress, particularly the speaker, to trade stocks in companies affected by […]

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TBOR Featured in Prime Mover Magazine Regarding Pelosi Stock Buys

February 3, 2021

“However, eyebrows were raised after it was reported that the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi negotiated a potentially very profitable Tesla stock deal shortly before the Biden administration released plans to make the federal automobile fleet fully electric. Tesla manufactures a suite of electric cars and is also developing a range of electric trucks. According to self-proclaimed non-partisan watchdog group Take Back Our Republic Action Fund, last month venture capitalist Paul Pelosi bought up to $1 million worth of […]

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