Double-Check Instant Runoff Voting Could be First Step for Several States

August 2, 2019

For many reasons, Take Back Our Republic is a strong supporter of Instant Runoffs (also called Ranked Choice Voting). For states that currently have runoffs,  it can eliminate the need for voters to return to the polls almost two months later for a runoff to save money. For states without runoffs, it encourages more ideas, more civil campaigns, and more representative results because candidates know launching vicious attacks makes it hard to get to 50% + 1. We truly believe […]

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Mississippi Legislature Passes Much Needed Campaign Finance Reform

March 27, 2017

Last week, Mississippi lawmakers passed much-needed campaign finance reform legislation that empowers the Ethics Commission, prohibits the use of campaign funds for personal use, and ends what many observers “legalized bribery” in the State Capitol. You can read more on the new campaign finance laws here. Check out our Facebook page and comment to congratulate Magnolia State legislators on making this HUGE step in the right direction!

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Mississippi Senate Passes Campaign Finance Reform Bill

February 14, 2017

Last week, Mississippi lawmakers passed legislation that would prohibit elected officials from using campaign funds for personal expenses. What do you think? Is this type of campaign finance reform needed?  Weigh in on our Facebook Page HERE.

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College activist demanding better campaign finance laws in Mississippi

July 1, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: press@takeback.org Auburn, AL (July 1, 2015) _ National political non-profit Take Back Our Republic (TBOR) has announced the selection of Morgan Stringer, Ole Miss law student and libertarian activist, as the state coordinator for the Foundation_s Mississippi efforts (www.takeback.org/groups/view/Mississippi-state-coalition). Above all, the group pledges to promote non-partisan solutions to issues plaguing America_s campaign finance system, by pushing to restore power to the hands of voters. _Most consider campaign finance reform to be a minor liberal issue, […]

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Successful State Chair for Liberty Group to Coordinate TBOR in Alabama

March 11, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: press@takeback.org Auburn, AL (March, 2015) _ Alexis Esneault will coordinate the efforts of Take Back Our Republic in Alabama, and will help the group expand its efforts into Mississippi. Esneault was so successful in building Young Americans for Liberty in Mobile that the organization also named her as the State Chair of their operation throughout adjacent Mississippi. _I am very excited about this opportunity, and look forward to building the membership of Take Back Our Republic the […]

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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.



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