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TBOR Tells Fox News LLCs Worse Than SuperPacs; Quoted by Top European Outlet on Mueller

April 3, 2019 @ 10:56 pm
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Fox News and the EU Reporter (rated more influential than the Guardian and equal to the New York Times and WSJ among European officials) both quoted Take Back Our Republic on leading political issues. The Fox News story focused on the charges of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez' campaign using LLCs to allegedly circumvent campaign laws. Pudner told various outlets that while he appreciates Cortez' ability to defeat the establishment on the left, just as his last candidate Dave Brat did on the right in 2014, he believes the use of LLCs to funnel campaign money is one of the biggest threats [...]

Unrig Videos: McKinnon on Winning Message, Pudner on Mueller

April 1, 2019 @ 9:46 pm
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Take Back Our Republic Founding Chair Mark McKinnon and Executive Director John Pudner presented at the highly successful Unrig the System Summit in Nashville TN this weekend, while other team members met thousands of attendees and Field Director Lars Weichmann spoke to South Carolina Republican groups in a packed few days. McKinnon showed the same brilliance he displayed with winning TV commercials going back to Bush 2000, and came up with fascinating examples of concise messaging such as John 3:16 summing up the Christian view of salvation history in exactly 140 characters - evidence that God knew the exact limit [...]