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Northeast Regional Coordinator Jim Rubens Discusses National Security Vs. Political Corruption in The Fulcrum

December 23, 2020

Rubens was a Republican state senator in New Hampshire from 1994 to 1998. He is now on the board of American Promise, which seeks to amend the Constitution to allow tighter controls on money in politics, and New England chairman of the democracy reform group Take Back Our Republic. Pay-to-play crony capitalism is much more profitable than the rough-and-tumble, generally incremental gains of market competition. Companies can generate a stunning 760-to-1 return on lobbying and campaign contributions in the form of no-bid supply contracts, […]

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New Hampshire Legislature Calls for Constitutional Amendment on Political Spending

June 6, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Jeff Clements, American Promise 617-281-5350 Rep. Ellen Read 352-978-7692 Olivia Zink, Open Democracy 603-661-8621 John Pudner, Take Back Our Republic 334-329-7258   New Hampshire Legislature Calls for Constitutional Amendment on Political Spending With a 14-10 vote, the New Hampshire General Court today became the 20th state legislature to call on Congress for a constitutional amendment allowing limits on political spending. The NH House passed the same measure in a bipartisan vote on March 7th. To date, […]

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New Hampshire Grassroots Support Continues to Grow

April 30, 2019

Whoa! Gadzooks! Eureka! Thank you, John Pudner (Monitor Opinion, April 26). In case you missed it, Democrats and Republicans have and should find, something to agree upon in what Pudner has to say. Take the time to read it. Get behind it and support this bill. Let’s get dark money out of our elections and campaigns for public office. Restore our democracy to the people. Contact your state representatives in the House and Senate now to support HB 504. Did I say […]

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Take Back Our Republic ED featured in Concord Monitor

April 26, 2019

  This morning Executive Director John Pudner outlined in New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor why New Hampshire Republicans want limits on political spending. “But entrenched political groups often benefit from the status quo and oppose reform. Even reforms supported by GOP voters. Even reforms that might help GOP candidates, such as improved disclosure of political spending. Democrats held a huge edge in secret (sometimes called “dark”) money for the first time ever in 2018. Act Blue, Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer, and […]

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TBOR’s Pudner Stops in New Hampshire to talk HB504 & HB728

February 7, 2019

Executive Director John Pudner met with New Hampshire supporters on Thursday and ate at a regular stopping place for Presidential candidates, the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. The diner has been recognized as one of the top 10 diners in the US and is a must stop for anyone seeking the Presidency prior to the first in the nation primary. Next Wednesday New Hampshire legislators will vote on HB 504 which is the FixIT America Amendment, and HB 728 to […]

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Tired of Poisonous Politics? Ranked Choice Voting Could Change the Tone of NH Elections

January 29, 2019

Everyone complains about negative campaigning. This year, the NH Legislature has a chance to do something about it: adopt “Ranked Choice Voting” for our elections. The House hearing on the bill will be tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30th at 10:00 am – please come to the hearing if you can! Studies show Ranked Choice Voting reduces negative campaigning, increases voter turnout and leads to greater voter satisfaction with election outcomes. We need this! The system can sound more complicated than it […]

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Trump Could Have Blown Out Clinton with Ranked Choice Voting

November 16, 2018

Conservatives reading this Washington Post report on the first instant Ranked-Choice Vote (RVC) resulting in the Democrats picking up an extra Congressional seat in Maine may be surprised to hear a judge appointed by Trump provided the strong decision allowing the process. In upholding the law, the Trump appointee states: “…there is no dispute that the RCV Act, the product of a citizens’ initiative, was motivated by a desire to enable third-party and non-party candidates to participate in the political process, […]

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OpEd: Fix it, America

January 14, 2018

Take Back Executive Director John Pudner penned the following OpEd on money in politics for the Concord Monitor: Two years ago, I was sludging through New Hampshire snow drifts, just before the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. As I talked with Granite State voters, I kept hearing the same thing: everyone was concerned about the influence of “Big Money” campaign donors. Once the primary results were in, it was clear that “Money In Politics” was a deciding issue for voters. The two […]

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Take Back Our Republic in the news

July 10, 2017

“Close to 200 residents of Maine and New Hampshire marched from John Paul Jones Park in Kittery, Maine, to Market Square in downtown Portsmouth on Sunday afternoon to raise awareness for the need for clean elections in New Hampshire.” Take Back’s own Liz Iacobucci was a guest speaker at the rally at the end of the march. You can read more about the march to promote clean elections here.

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John Pudner on WEZS (Laconia, NH)

April 28, 2017
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