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TBOR Executive Director Quoted in The New York Times

May 21, 2020

TBOR Executive Director John Pudner told the New York Times the mailing of APPLICATIONS for mail-in ballots should be encouraged because the threat of fraud occurs instead with the mailing millions of BALLOTS. Republicans who oppose mailing APPLICATIONS should consider that if 30 percent of the senior vote and 20 percent of the “almost senior” vote stayed home in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have won Florida. The entire story appears here concluding with the below two paragraphs. One note, Pudner […]

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President Trump to tap ex-TBOR Communications’ Ric Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence (NY Times)

February 19, 2020

The New York Times reports that the Communications Director who launched Take Back Our Republic and secured stories in the Washington Post, Fox News, Meghan McCain’s radio program, NewsMax and other outlets will be named by President Trump as Acting Head of Intelligence. Richard (Ric) Grenell garnered national attention for the new group Take Back Our Republic and facilitated interviews after the group was announced for the first time at a meeting of Grover Norquist’s center-right meeting in Washington DC. […]

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NY Times Links to in Bannon Story; Podesta Firm Admits Foreign Contracts

November 28, 2016

The New York Times linked to Take Back Our Republic in a piece on President-elect Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The Times writes: Steve and his two brothers went to Benedictine High School, an all-male Catholic military school in Richmond where the boys wore uniforms, kept their hair short and were called cadets. “It was a very conservative world,” said John Pudner, a Benedictine graduate who knows Mr. Bannon and runs Take Back Our Republic, an advocacy group based in […]

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4,024,045,000 Page Views

May 13, 2016

From the Seattle Times to the NY Times, and from MSNBC to, publishers that covered account for 4,024,045,000 page views based on a comparison of the list of media hits for and the new Similar Web rankings. The Drudge Report story (circled in photo) quoting the Executive Director for, and in April Drudge crossed 1 billion page views and ranks as the fourth biggest web publisher (behind only Disney, MSN and Time Warner). Obviously only a small […]

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Quoted by NY Times; reserve copy of our 1st book

October 20, 2015

The New York Times recently quoted me for the perspective ofTake Back Our Republicon the growing power of small donors to counter balance mega donors. Click on this image for the entire story. When we launched our efforts many doubted how small donors could offset mega donors. In less than a year, Take Back Our Republic overcame these doubts due to people like you building our state grassroots chapters, spreading our educational papers, talking to local press and contributing to […]

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Majority of Americans think money plays too big a role in politics

June 2, 2015

June 2nd, 2015By NICK GASS 6/2/15 8:32 AM EDT Democrats and Republicans alike think money carries too much influence in American politics, according to a poll released Tuesday by The New York Times and CBS News. And a majority of Americans say there needs to be fundamental changes to the way political campaigns are funded or that the system needs to be rebuilt. Money plays too big of a role in deciding winners and losers of political races, 84 percent […]

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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.



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