Liberal ‘dark money’ groups spent more in 2018 than conservative groups

January 23, 2019

But when it comes to the big-money world of outside spending, over which candidates have little control, it appears that liberal groups had a banner year in 2018. For the first time since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which struck down campaign spending limitations for corporations and unions, liberal “dark money” groups outspent conservative groups, according to a new report from Issue One that analyzed data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Dark money groups spent $150 million in the 2018 midterms. […]

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Will Republicans Embrace Campaign Finance Reform?

December 11, 2018

Federal filings through mid-November, as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, show that among donations from the top 25 individual contributors to federal candidates, parties, political action committees, and “527” advocacy groups, $232.9 million went to Republicans and conservatives, and $236.9 million to Democrats and liberals. What about organizational spending? Consider super PACs, those curious manifestations of campaign finance law that the Center for Responsive Politics says “may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, […]

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Opinion: Leadership PAC Loophole Must End

October 8, 2018

AUBURN, AL- As campaign finance scandals grab news, we support an effort to end a loophole that allows similar violations to occur via “Leadership PACs” which the FEC currently does not scrutinize for personal use expenses. As this outstanding Washington Post article (  notes, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) likely would have not been in trouble had he simply opted to use this mechanism to pay for his lavish lifestyle. Leadership PACs were initially set up as a means to buy […]

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Outlet Reports Potential FEC Action to Stop Politicians Personal Use of Funds

September 18, 2018

When the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) ruled in favor of our sister organization (Take Back Action Fund) and the Campaign Legal Center that Facebook must disclose who paid for political ads, it was a rare victory for anti-corruption efforts. Now McClatchy reports another potential breakthrough, with the FEC considering no longer allowing Members to use Leadership PAC funds for personal expenses. To even get serious consideration is another coup for CLC – as all four current FEC members must vote YES […]

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St. Petersburg Passes Campaign Finance Law Despite Likely Legal Challenge

October 9, 2017

  AUBURN, AL- The debate over Citizens United continues to shift toward local action with St. Petersburg entering the fray with a historic vote. A 6-2 majority voted to restrict the amount an individual can contribute to a PAC that will spend in local elections to $5,000. Accompanying the measure is a stronger requirement for disclosure to ensure the new law will be applied. City attorneys were opponents of the effort, saying that the new law violates First Amendment protections […]

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Sheriff David Clarke Calls Group a “ScamPAC”

September 1, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, WI has developed quite a following, but, according to his recent comments, he is not planning a run for Senate. This runs counter to what operators of a PAC want his fans to think. The Draft David Clarke for U.S. Senate group has a website that certainly would lead many to believe that it is acting on the authority of the well-known lawman. It features multiple photos of Clarke, a pledge to support the sheriff, […]

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Take Back Featured in The American Prospect

April 7, 2017

“We’re going to have an oligarchy here if we don’t get serious about disclosure,” says John Pudner, executive director of the conservative group Take Back Our Republic, which promotes campaign-finance changes, including transparency. Pudner’s group wants to see Congress take up legislation that would codify into law an Internal Revenue Service regulation that in essence requires 501(c)(4) social welfare groups to spend no more than half their money on politics. “If you are acting like a PAC, you can disclose […]

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Take Back Our Republic Calls on Gov. Martinez to Sign SB 96 in New Mexico

April 6, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, April 6, 2017 CONTACT: Liz Iacobucci 334-329-7258   ‘Take Back Our Republic’ Calls on Gov. Martinez to Sign SB 96, Requiring Disclosure by ‘Dark Money’ Groups The nationwide conservative campaign finance reform group Take Back Our Republic today called on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to sign SB 96, “An Act Relating to Campaign Finance.” The bill would close a loophole in state law that exempts SuperPACs from the public disclosure requirements that candidates, political parties […]

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Last Chance for Campaign Finance for New Mexico in 2017

April 6, 2017

Last Chance for New Mexico Campaign Finance Reform in 2017   Please take a minute, take out your cell phone, call New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez at 505-476-220 and tell her to sign SB 96 and require “dark money” political groups to disclose their donors.   If Gov. Martinez does not sign the bill by Friday, the bill will die on her desk – and she will be responsible for killing it.   SB 96 passed both the House and […]

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