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50 Swamps? Take Back’s First Look at Lobbying at the State Level

March 14, 2017

AUBURN, AL- Regardless of whether you are an adamant Trump supporter or one of the 54.1% of Americans who voted for someone else, one undeniable fact from the 2016 presidential election is that President Trump “caught fire” with the phrase “Drain the Swamp.” Introduced relatively late in the campaign, the phrase galvanized those sick of seeing the nation’s capital run amok- a place where lobbyists rule and incestuous and crooked deals reign. However, the facts point toward “Drain the Swamps,” […]

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Stanford Law School Audio & Powerpoint

February 8, 2017

Pre-eminent election and democracy/data lawyers Ben Ginsberg and Nate Persily were among those asking hard-hitting questions of Take Back Executive Director John Pudner at Stanford Law School Tuesday. View the entire presentation including videos here, and listen to the audio of the great session at which Pudner laid out the commercials and door-to-door tactics that win campaigns and will be incorporated into an open source People Powered Playbook. Ginsberg was national counsel to Bush/Cheney in both campaigns, including the 2000 recount, and since represented […]

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Press Notes TBOR’s Tour of S. Dakota to Make Case for Reform Among Trump Supporters

September 20, 2016

TBOR Board Member Richard Painter and Executive Director John Pudner finished the first of three days in South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore. The Argus Leader documented the case that anyone voting for Donald Trump should also vote for a state referendum (IM 22). Pudner stressed that Take Back Our Republic was not urging anyone to vote for or against a certain candidate – only that those already voting for Trump should also vote for this measure to curtail the power of […]

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Bill Moyers Piece Quotes TBOR ED On Foreign Donations

July 4, 2016

A Bill Moyers piece by Kathy Kiely on the ease with which foreign money can be spent on American campaigns through a practice that would be stopped by HR4177. See the full story here. The following are excerpts: 2. Credit cards Another potential avenue for illegal foreign contributions is credit cards, warned John Pudner, a former Republican political consultant who now heads a campaign finance reform group called Take Back Our Republic. A decision by some campaigns — especially those […]

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John Pudner Quoted in CQ Researcher

May 19, 2016

The status of the deadlocked FEC is another crucial factor.  Silver, Hasen and John Pudner, executive director of Take Back Our Republic, say the FEC can’t be effective with six commissioners- three from each party- who divide along party lines. “We’ve got to figure out a way to have someone nonpartisan appointed to break ties,” Pudner says. Hasen questions whether Trump’s candidacy will have much influence on future campaigns because he’s unique.  But Pinkham and Pudner say they expect candidates […]

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Multiple GOP Candidates Address Money in Politics

September 17, 2015

BOSTON – _When we launched Take Back Our Republic in January, we were told no Republicans were concerned about money in politics,_ according to John Pudner, who commented from Boston after an interview with a conservative talk radio show, just prior to the GOP debate. Eight months later, multiple Republican candidates for President felt the issue was important enough to address during the Presidential debate on CNN. Pudner affirms that _[campaign finance reform] vindicates that candidates from both parties understand […]

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