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Ivy League Professor Found Guilty Of Lying About Chinese Money

December 22, 2021

According to the Harvard University newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, professor Charles M. Lieber was found guilty of lying to government authorities about his ties to China in federal court on Tuesday, concluding a stunning downfall for one of the country’s top chemists. Professor Lieber was found guilty on six felony charges related to making false statements regarding his ties to Chinese government programs and tax-related offenses. Professor Lieber had a $50,000 a month contract with the Chinese state-sponsored recruiting organization […]

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TBOR Board Member Richard Painter Joins Fox&Friends To Discuss Hunter Bidens Art Show

July 23, 2021

Earlier this morning TBOR board member Dr. Richard Painter joined the hosts of Fox&Friends to discuss Hunter Biden’s upcoming art show and the ethical concerns that arise from the sale of Hunter’s art and how it could be a loophole for buyers to gain influence with the White House.

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TBOR’s John Pudner and Board Member Richard Painter Featured On NTV BC-Moscow

July 19, 2021

Over the weekend NTV BC-Moscow interviewed Executive Director John Pudner regarding Hunter Biden and the sale of his artwork and the 911k payments made from the University of Pennsylvania to President Biden over the last few years for a no-show Professors position. TBOR does occasionally get international news coverage and unbeknownst to TBOR staff NTV also included previous clips from Board Member Richard Painter and Advisory Board Member Peter Schweizer discussing these topics as well. A translated transcript of a […]

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TBOR Exposes Potential Biden-China Pay-for-play

July 12, 2021

RICHARD W. PAINTER AND JOHN PUDNERON 7/12/21 AT 7:30 AM EDT How can we have a U.S. ambassador to Germany who raised secret money from Saudi Arabia and China while paying candidate Joe Biden over $900,000 as a university professor who never taught classes? What would be the response on Capitol Hill if Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or George W. Bush nominated Amy Gutmann under similar circumstances? The credibility of our foreign policy, and our national security in the face of the growing foreign […]

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TBOR Board Member Joins Fox&Friends to Discuss Biden Artwork Concerns

July 12, 2021

Recently TBOR Board member Dr. Richard Painter joined the hosts of Fox&Friends to discuss the potential legal concerns surrounding the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork. Dr. Painter formerly served as President George W. Bush’s ethics attorney. The Fox&Friends article and interview can be found here.

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TBOR Board Member Painter Criticizes Hunter Biden Art Sales in WaPost

July 8, 2021

The Washington Post quoted TBOR Board Member Dr. Richard Painter criticizing the plan to enrich the Biden family through art sales by Richard Biden. “(Hunter Biden’s plan to sell art) is drawing detractors, including ethics experts as well as art critics who suggest that Hunter Biden’s art would never be priced so high if he had a different last name. Bergès has said that prices for the paintings would range from $75,000 to $500,000. “The whole thing is a really […]

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Minnesota Coordinator Holds Money in Politics Town Hall

July 23, 2019

Special thanks to our Minnesota coordinator Vicki Barnes for organizing another Townhall event in the state to discuss money in politics and a 28th Amendment. Vicki had former TBOR board member Dr. Richard Painter as a special guest speaker. You can watch the full video from the event below.  

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Wealthy and Poor All Lose

March 14, 2017

One common misconception is that campaign finance reform would hurt wealthy Americans and help those in lower income brackets. In fact, the current system hurts most Americans in EVERY tax bracket. This is one of the themes of a book to be published later in 2015 by Professor Richard Painter, who is a board member of Take Back. Professor Painter notes that even most of the top 1% of earners don’t really make significant campaign contributions.  Only 30% of millionaires […]

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Membership Special

December 20, 2016

Want to change politics as usual in America? For a limited time only, join Take Back Our Republic for only $10. Membership allows you to participate in our Annual Survey, have advanced notice of TBOR activities, and receive a copy of “Taxation Only with Representation” by Take Back Board Member Dr. Richard Painter. Click HERE to sign-up. Together, we can Take Back Our Republic!

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Buy Dr. Richard Painter’s Taxation Only With Representation Today!

May 24, 2016

Dr. Richard Painters Taxation Only With Representation: The Conservative Conscience and Campaign Finance Reform is available for sale today! To place your order, click here.

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