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TBOR Board Member Sarah Hunt Featured in Op-Ed on Voting During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 22, 2020

The right to vote is the bedrock of our democratic society, but without a functioning voting infrastructure, the right to vote is an abstract right with no practical impact. COVID-19 is but the latest in a long line of events, some natural, some manmade, to test our commitment to ensuring a strong voting infrastructure. Some states have deferred elections and others are considering following course. Virginia should lead by example and take the necessary steps to reinforce our voting infrastructure. […]

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TBOR Board Member’s Neurosurgeon Sister Creating Surgical Masks from Vacuum Cleaner Bags

March 24, 2020

Take Back Our Republic’s board member Sarah Hunt talks about the lack of medical supplies to fight Covid-19 and the amazing effort her sister is putting in to overcome these shortages in her latest article in The Federalist. “Last Wednesday night, my younger sister asked me to overnight her three dozen vacuum cleaner bags. A neurosurgeon, Rachel was worried about the dwindling supply of surgical face masks at her hospital. She’d been told to do her rounds without a mask, […]

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TBOR Board Member Sarah Hunt Talks Technology And Election Integrity

February 15, 2020

Take Back Our Republic’s newest board member Sarah Hunt was recently featured in Salon where she spoke about technology, election integrity, and the recent Iowas Caucus. “The chaos surrounding the 2020 Iowa caucus two weeks ago was a bellwether, heralding another transformational moment. Our willingness to take action will define America’s trajectory. The events unfolding in the heartland of our country are a wake-up call to the entire nation. They highlight the importance of protecting the security and integrity of our […]

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