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Double-Check Instant Runoff Voting Could be First Step for Several States

August 2, 2019

For many reasons, Take Back Our Republic is a strong supporter of Instant Runoffs (also called Ranked Choice Voting). For states that currently have runoffs,  it can eliminate the need for voters to return to the polls almost two months later for a runoff to save money. For states without runoffs, it encourages more ideas, more civil campaigns, and more representative results because candidates know launching vicious attacks makes it hard to get to 50% + 1. We truly believe […]

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Executive Director John Pudner Speaks in South Dakota

August 9, 2018

On July 19th Executive Director John Pudner was a special guest speaker at the Elk Creek Club in Rapid City, South Dakota. To listen to John’s speech click the link below.  

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South Dakota Lawmakers Silence Voters, Demand Pay Raise

November 28, 2017

Doug Kronaizl from Represent South Dakota penned an OpEd for the Argus Leader that highlights brazen efforts in the legislature to silence voters and empower the political class. Read HERE.

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South Dakotan’s Strike Back

November 3, 2017

 South Dakota Voters Strike Back By TBOR Staff   AUBURN, AL- A shocking display of arrogance and abuse of power was on display in South Dakota when legislators undermined the will of the people to impose ethics reform on its officials. Last year, Take Back and other reform leaders joined with South Dakota activists to win a ballot measure that achieved real reform. The response from elected officials? They immediately set out to undo the legislation. Now, South Dakota voters […]

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Ethics reform in three acts, a Missouri tragedy

April 26, 2017

Early this month, John Pudner and Dan Krassner were back in Missouri. They’re part of the national coalition that is pushing serious anti-corruption measures state by state. Krassner is the political director for Represent.Us, a bipartisan group targeting political corruption. Pudner is the founder of Take Back Our Republic, a conservative group targeting the same issues. Their coalition now includes Patriotic Millionaires and other groups. Together, they helped South Dakota voters pass a comprehensive anti-corruption measure last November, around the same time […]

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Heidi Linford MT, WY, SD, ND, ID, UT

March 9, 2017

States Montana Wyoming South Dakota North Dakota Idaho Utah

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HuffPo Highlights Campaign Finance Reform Efforts At The State Level

January 8, 2017

“And there are a lot of bright spots across the country when it comes to campaign finance reforms. A reform initiative in South Dakota passed with 52 percent support from voters ― showing that campaign finance is an issue that matters to voters of all stripes…” Read more HERE.

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‘HUGE’ Election Night Victory for Campaign Finance Reform

November 9, 2016

On a night that voters rejected a Presidential candidate who raised over $1 billion in campaign contributions for a candidate that raised less than half as much according to Bloomberg, voters in both states in which we had media tours delivered resounding ballot box victories for conservative solutions to campaign finance reform. While Take Back Our Republic is only allowed a very limited amount of work on ballot referenda (and only on nonpartisan campaign finance reform initiatives), we do want […]

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Press Notes TBOR’s Tour of S. Dakota to Make Case for Reform Among Trump Supporters

September 20, 2016

TBOR Board Member Richard Painter and Executive Director John Pudner finished the first of three days in South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore. The Argus Leader documented the case that anyone voting for Donald Trump should also vote for a state referendum (IM 22). Pudner stressed that Take Back Our Republic was not urging anyone to vote for or against a certain candidate – only that those already voting for Trump should also vote for this measure to curtail the power of […]

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