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Special Interests Went Down to Georgia; They Were Looking for a Relative to Hire

April 23, 2018

  AUBURN, AL- At Take Back Our Republic, we have written that Washington, DC is the largest- but certainly not the only- swamp around the nation. Atlanta, not far from our Auburn headquarters, showcased its swampiness as its session wound down in late March. The issue, installing traffic cameras in school zones, has some merit- although the logistics drew some concern. Nevertheless, HOW the legislation passed has certainly raised eyebrows. As with any issue where government spends money, someone was […]

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Unverified Contributions, Dark Money Flood GA-6

June 21, 2017
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Special Interest Vs. National Interest

March 14, 2017

Excessive political contributions from those expecting to get something in return for their contribution distorts the political landscape from those who give (often much smaller) contributions due to ideological beliefs. This reduces the influence that ordinary citizens have in our electoral systems and makes those in public office often more responsive to those who give money rather than the broad electorate.  At the same time, the ever-rising cost of campaigns puts more pressure on elected officials and candidates to spend […]

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7.5 Billion Views led by ESPN; People’s Democracy Playbook

December 12, 2016

SPN Prelude to TBOR Showing How to Win Without Becoming a Big Money Addict Two days after President Obama’s re-election, ESPN’s coverage of John Pudner’s breakthrough in sports analytics unknowingly foreshadowed a breakthrough in how political campaigns are run – and won: When you think about the intersection of advanced sports statistics and political forecasting, you think of Nate Silver. Far fewer people will know the name John Pudner, but college hoops fans probably should. – ESPN, November 8, 2012, “Checking in […]

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The Salina Journal Highlights the Impact of “Deep Pocketed Special Interests”

November 14, 2016

The Salina Journal highlights the impact of “deep-pocketed special interests” on recent Supreme Court races and the desperate need for campaign finance reform. “Citizens always should know who’s trying to buy elections in such a way. Stronger disclosure rules would help. Policymakers who believe in transparency should pursue as much at the state and federal levels.” To read the article in its entirety click Here!

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