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TBOR Tells Fox News LLCs Worse Than SuperPacs; Quoted by Top European Outlet on Mueller

April 3, 2019

Fox News and the EU Reporter (rated more influential than the Guardian and equal to the New York Times and WSJ among European officials) both quoted Take Back Our Republic on leading political issues. The Fox News story focused on the charges of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ campaign using LLCs to allegedly circumvent campaign laws. Pudner told various outlets that while he appreciates Cortez’ ability to defeat the establishment on the left, just as his last candidate Dave Brat did on […]

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2020 Challengers Face Campaign Finance Questions

March 14, 2019

HR1 just passed the House, offering sweeping campaign finance reform and many other election changes, and while there are some very good provisions, it would also create many problems, not address some of the most pressing ones, and will not pass a Republican Senate prior to the presidential election, which turns the focus to how candidates will raise their money. The following quote sums up the basic case for eliminating Super PACs: “The current system is absurd. As a candidate […]

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Recode Looks at Silicon Valley Donors “Flooding the System” with Cash

August 31, 2018

AUBURN, AL- In what is certainly an interesting read, put together a listing of the burgeoning liberal donor class in Silicon Valley. Among the interesting notes are the nuanced ways Silicon Valley donors are looking to leverage their expertise. Some are loaning staff members to left-leaning organizations to improve their use of technology, some are launching new non-profits or tech ventures, and others are taking a significant oversight role over their political “investments.” Perhaps most alarming is the $5.4 […]

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Pudner Quoted in the New York Times

August 15, 2018

“Love or hate Trump, I think the moment he stood on stage and said ‘Give politicians money and they’ll do whatever you want,’ was the beginning of his upward trajectory,” said John Pudner of Take Back Our Republic, a conservative group dedicated to reducing the political influence of corporations, unions and other special interest groups. Executive Director John Pudner was recently quoted in the New York Times to read the article in its entirety click here.

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FEC fines contractor that gave pro-Clinton super PACs illegal cash

September 29, 2017

The Federal Election Commission has fined Boston-based Suffolk Construction Co., a federal government contractor, for making illegal contributions to a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, according to a letter from the agency. The $34,000 settlement between the FEC and Suffolk appears to mark the FEC’s first penalty against a government contractor for illegally contributing money to a super PAC — a kind of political group that may raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations and unions. Click HERE to read more from The Center for Public […]

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St. Petersburg Moves to Cap Super PAC Money, Prevent Foreign Influence

June 26, 2017

We’ve covered the movement within local governments to begin the pushback against big money, and St. Petersburg, FL is the latest shining example. The city made a move last week to cap Super PAC money at $5,000 and keep foreign entities from making an impact in our elections. Elected officials in St. Petersburg made the move despite a legal opinion that the law is likely unconstitutional. The lawmakers stated a belief that they could not sit idly by, and they […]

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Secret Political Money through LLCs Possibly Used in Trump Attack

January 17, 2017

US Senator Johnny Isakson and TAKE BACK Executive Director John Pudner discussed the need for transparency in political contributions during a flight from Atlanta to Washington Tuesday for inaugural week. In particular, Pudner referenced the Wall-Street Journal report that Super PACs may have funneled the money to pay for a former British intelligence officer to coordinate with political op research consultants to produce the dossier in an attempt to discredit President-Elect Trump. When TAKE BACK urged closing the LLC loophole that circumvents […]

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Bloomberg: Super PAC Spending Replaces Dark Money as Election Nears

October 19, 2016

Major campaign spending organizations closely tied to Democratic and Republican leaders and funded by undisclosed donations—known by critics as “dark money”—have spent $26 million in key Senate races in 2016 but have significantly reduced their TV ad spending in the final weeks of the campaign, according to a Bloomberg BNA analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data. The change allowed the groups to avoid Federal Election Commission reporting requirements that apply to “electioneering communications”—targeted TV and radio ads that refer to a […]

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15 Super PAC’s Pump Millions into Nevada Senate Race

October 3, 2016

“Their overall spending combined represents 87 percent, or $46.7 million, of more than $53 million that has flowed from outside groups, including political action committees, super PACS and dark money groups, into Nevada elections.” Above are recent figures from the Review Journal regarding the millions spent by outside interests on the race for former Senate minority leader Harry Reids seat. Read the full article below.

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News Alert: Billionaire donor‚s climate group plans to punish GOP in 2016

April 9, 2015

By Benjy Sarlin NextGen Climate, the environmental super PAC founded by billionaire Tom Steyer, announced plans on Monday to punish Republican presidential candidates who reject the scientific consensus on climate change. The group spent over $70 million in the 2014 midterms attacking Republican candidates in a number of high-profile Senate races, but were unable to stem the tide in what was ultimately a strong GOP year. On a call with reporters on Monday, NGC chief strategist Chris Lehane declined to […]

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