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NewsMax TV features Take Back Our Republic

October 10, 2018

Wednesday NewsMax TV featured Executive Director John Pudner during America Talks Live with John Cardillo and Dr. Gina Loudon. Click here to watch the episode, and NewsMax can be watched live via TV (DirecTV: Channel 349, Dish: Channel 216, Verizon FiOS: Channel 115, Channel 615, AT&T U-verse: Channel 1220, or Galaxy 14: 3900 V / 29079 / 5/6). NewsMax, one of the most read conservative websites according to Alexa Ratings, featured a column from Pudner on their opinion front page Monday along with posts […]

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NewsMax Features Post With TBOR Statement on Kavanaugh

October 8, 2018

NewsMax featured John Pudner along with Alan Dershowitz, Ron Paul, Scott Rasmussen and Other Conservative Leaders Monday. Click here for the post, which concludes with Back Our Republic’s statement on Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court: “We congratulate Brett Kavanaugh on being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and President Trump on successfully placing two justices to the highest court in the land. Our hope is that Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and an increasingly right-leaning court will embody a jurisprudence that […]

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Senator Sasse Comments on Corrupting Money in Politics

September 6, 2018

Click here for the video of Senator Ben Sasse’s interview including his quote, “I came here because I want to drain the swamp. I don’t care whether the Congressman who is doing insider trading or embezzling campaign funds or is indicted for this or that. I don’t care whether they wear a blue or red jersey I want fewer of those people around,” said Senator Ben Sasse told MSNBC. He complained about the “lunacy” of the protests that now engulf […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Supreme Court Allows Gerrymandering Vote

August 1, 2018

Many Michiganders who learned about the effort to deny them a vote to end gerrymandering from our widely read op-ed, education paper or first Facebook Post to reach more than 100,000 organically – learned late Tuesday night they will get to vote. The Detroit Free Press, the newspaper with more than twice the circulation of the second and third largest newspapers in Michigan, reported late Tuesday night the Michigan Supreme Court will allow the vote to go forward. Click here for […]

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Pudner talks Supreme Court, NRA, and Planned Parenthood

July 9, 2018

The hatred of — and love for — the NRA and Planned Parenthood will drive much of nastiness of the upcoming secret money political campaign to win or stop a decisive 50th Senate vote (from West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Alaska, or Maine) for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. One Supreme Court judge could reverse cases like the 2000 Stenberg v. Carhart, forcing states to allow late-term partial-birth abortions or the 2008 Columbia v. Heller decision forcing them to allow their […]

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RepresntUS Josh Silver talks gerrymandering

April 4, 2018

Thankfully, we’re beginning to see real reform emerge on this issue. With the landmark case Gill v. Whitford, as well as partisan congressional maps struck down in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, we’re seeing movement towards redistricting laws that are fair and equitable. Nearly three-quarters of Americans across the political spectrum favor the Supreme Court setting limits on partisan gerrymandering. Entrenched political operatives on both sides of the aisle use partisan gerrymandering to build political power and pick their voters. It is institutionalized […]

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