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Take Back Our Republic Makes Stops In 4 States

March 11, 2019

Take Back Our Republic meets with legislators and other opinion leaders in a third Capitol in as many weeks – this time in Harrisburg PA. Time was also spent in Austin, Texas, and Columbus, OH along with a brief non-capitol stop in Charleston, South Carolina to pay respects and attend the funeral of longtime strategist Pat Caddell. TBOR does not have legislation in any of the four states but is working to provide information to legislators and in particular, learn […]

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Executive Director John Pudner Featured in The Daily Caller

March 4, 2019

With the public waiting for the release of Robert Mueller’s report, it is worth noting the hypocrisy of many progressive campaign reform advocates who ignore much more obvious pay-for-play politics on the left, a major point when the nation debates whether Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. Progressives lose credibility if they fail to applaud President Trump’s company for returning the $191,538 in total profits it received from foreign officials using Trump properties, or fail to criticize Hunter Biden, the son of […]

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TBOR Coordinator Speaks in York County South Carolina

March 1, 2019

Last night Take Back Our Republic coordinator Lars Wiechman spoke about the founding principles of TBOR and the need to “follow the money” in South Carolina at the York County GOP meeting. Lars also had the chance to speak to South Carolina Lt. Governor Pamela Evette about the many conservative solutions we advocate for at TBOR. Meanwhile, Executive Director John Pudner was in Charleston South Carolina with leaders from across the political spectrum for Saturday’s funeral of Pat Caddell, who […]

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TBOR Staff and Coordinators Stop in Houston

February 19, 2019

Members of the C Club, the top 100 business leaders in Houston, met with TBOR Executive Director John Pudner and Texas Coordinator John Draper to discuss TBOR proposals. Pudner and Draper then attended Texas Governor Abbott’s State of the State speech for Houston (a follow-up to his speech at the Capitol). You can view the beginning of Governor Abbott’s speech below.

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Republican Party to Build ActBlue Rival

February 5, 2019

Perhaps no tool has revolutionized fundraising like ActBlue, the online donation portal that has fueled liberal dominance in the arena. Now, the Grand Ole Party hopes to replicate its success. In the 2018 midterm elections, ActBlue raised $1.66 billion from nearly 5 million unique donors over 42 million contributions. A tool exclusively for the Left, there are now 15,000 groups using the system to raise funds. Because of this unprecedented success, the Right has been searching for a way to […]

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Ranked Choice Voting Comes to Auburn University

January 23, 2019

When Take Back Our Republic launched and chose the community of Auburn, AL, we were thrilled to be located within a stone’s throw of the school named the most conservative in the country by Princeton Review: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=4950. Now, Auburn University is making us proud once again as its Student Government Association is set to adopt Ranked Choice Voting- the innovative solution that best reflects the voter’s intention. This movement is sweeping the country, and the method was employed by a […]

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Our Last Post of the Year … Please Read Before 2018 Ends!

December 31, 2018

Just in case you did not get the email 16 hours from the end of 2018 … On the eve of a New Year, we at Take Back Our Republic are so grateful for your support. In 2018, we forced Facebook to disclose the sponsors of political ads and created meaningful redistricting reform in Ohio and Michigan. 2019 will be our biggest and most impactful year yet with your help.       We are $5,115 away from our End […]

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Pudner On What You Need To Know In North Dakota

November 6, 2018

Last night Executive Director John Pudner was quoted in the lead story on Fargo’s KVRR, a local Fox affiliate in the state. The story detailed what voters in North Dakota would need to know about the Measures on the ballot today. John’s quote can be read below. “This is the cleanup everyone is crying for across the country and across the state. There aren’t too many things people are agreeing on right now, there is a lot of division in […]

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Take Back Celebrates Halloween in Auburn

November 1, 2018

Yesterday afternoon Take Back Our Republic staff celebrated Halloween by passing out candy in downtown Auburn to local youth. Check out some of the fun from last night in the photos below.  

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Ben Sasse Aims to Address “Swampier” Swamp

October 23, 2018

AUBURN, AL- Two years after a pledge to “Drain the Swamp” became the rallying cry that swept Donald Trump and a host of other Republicans, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) says things have only gotten worse, saying the swamp is now “swampier.” To validate his claims, Sasse wrote: “In the last 18 months alone, revelations of corruption have forced high-profile investigations and resignations across the government. Two Republican congressmen were indicted— one for insider trading, the other for using campaign funds to […]

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Take Back Our Republic strive to be the leading organization in promoting a culture in politics where character and ideas are the basis of being elected and every election is financed with transparency, primarily by the people to be represented and not by outside interests. Headquartered in Auburn, AL since 2015, TBOR has strong financial backing, an engaged board, more than 100 volunteer coordinators in 47 states, and a staff who stands by our mission.



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