Trump Could Have Blown Out Clinton with Ranked Choice Voting

November 16, 2018

Conservatives reading this Washington Post report on the first instant Ranked-Choice Vote (RVC) resulting in the Democrats picking up an extra Congressional seat in Maine may be surprised to hear a judge appointed by Trump provided the strong decision allowing the process. In upholding the law, the Trump appointee states: “…there is no dispute that the RCV Act, the product of a citizens’ initiative, was motivated by a desire to enable third-party and non-party candidates to participate in the political process, […]

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Take Back’s John Pudner meets with Virginia Senator Chase

May 21, 2018

Monday morning Take Back Executive Director John Pudner met with Senator Amanda Chase, who like John previously worked to elect U.S. Congressman Dave Brat before being elected her self to the Virginia state senate. Pudner thanks Amanda for her leadership role in introducing measures to create greater transparency, reform gerrymandering, and campaign finance reform since being elected. Senator Chase also chairs the transparency caucus which is a bipartisan caucus in the Virginia legislature which has enacted measures such as live […]

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OpEd: Fix it, America

January 14, 2018

Take Back Executive Director John Pudner penned the following OpEd on money in politics for the Concord Monitor: Two years ago, I was sludging through New Hampshire snow drifts, just before the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. As I talked with Granite State voters, I kept hearing the same thing: everyone was concerned about the influence of “Big Money” campaign donors. Once the primary results were in, it was clear that “Money In Politics” was a deciding issue for voters. The two […]

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Crazy Money Behind Crazy Election in Virginia

December 28, 2017

  AUBURN, AL- A recount followed by a Court decision means that a key race for a legislative seat in Virginia is a tie. A coin flip will decide the winner. The winner will decide control of the House of Delegates.   Though the story reads like that of an over-the-top political comedy, the reality is a stark reminder of the power of the few and the ability to influence our republic with overwhelming money.   Virginia, one of the […]

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Liberals Embrace Big Money Post-Virginia

November 22, 2017

  AUBURN, AL- In what was a very dark Election Day for many conservatives in Virginia, there may be a ray of sunshine emerging: liberals may be on the verge of making the gross mistake of ceding the campaign finance issue to conservatives. An opinion piece in The Washington Post cites Virginia’s loose campaign laws- which allow unlimited contributions to candidates- as the driving force behind the dramatic and radical shift leftward in the state. The foremost example citing is […]

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Prediction of VA Legislative Stunner Followed Day With WI Gov, LG & Packers

November 6, 2017

GREEN BAY & RICHMOND, VA – Just over an hour after the polls closed in Virginia Tuesday night, Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner posted the shocking prediction that Virginia Democrats might take over the State House despite starting the night outnumbered 67-33. That 8:22 p.m. ET Facebook Post could prove correct pending a couple of recounts, and was posted at the end of Pudner’s 24-hour blitz to take the same reform message from his Fox News appearance to conservatives in two […]

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Take Back Praised in Fox News Piece

October 5, 2017

One of the largest and most effective millennial groups today sounded praise for TBOR in a Fox News piece: “Take Back Our Republic, a conservative group led by Virginia Republican Congressman Dave Brat’s former campaign manager, has advocated campaign finance reform including tax credits and deductions that empower small-donor contributions.” To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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Scam Pac Operators Raided by FBI

May 17, 2017

Scam PAC Operators Raided by FBI By TBOR Staff   AUBURN, AL- Political consultants make for an easy punching bag. They make big money, but the connections to insiders and a perceived preference of financial gain over principles make the industry one of the nation’s most hated. There is a segment of the industry, however, that has become even more reviled- those that use their political connections to operate fraudulent PACs. While what a candidate chooses to pay a consultant […]

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Taxes and Political Contributions

March 14, 2017

Wouldn’t you like to direct more of your tax dollars and be able to use them to help elect candidates for public office who would well … be better stewards of your tax dollars?  We believe that you should be able to take a tax credit for small contributions to candidates for Federal (and state) office.  This would encourage more people to become involved in the political process and at the same time remind candidates that the source of their […]

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Charles Hellwig VA, MD, DE, WV

March 9, 2017

States Virginia Maryland Delaware West Virginia

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