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Take Back at CPAC: Fox News, Joy Villa, Longtime CNN Commentator

Take Back at CPAC: Fox News, Joy Villa, Longtime CNN Commentator

February 22, 2018 @ 12:00 am
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Fox News viewers saw Take Back Executive Director John Pudner during the Thursday morning onsite report from CPAC by Peter Doocy (first photo below).

Pudner and Take Back President and Board Chair Francis Johnson also met with singer Princess Joy Villa (top photo),  a donor and supporter of Take Back whose conservative dress at the Grammy’s made waves and led to 15,000 sales of her newest album “I Make the Static” in just two days.

Many other conservative leaders attended the speech by Vice President Mike Pence Thursday morning, including longtime former CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany (second photo below).

Take Back Our Republic is distributing materials and conducting radio interviews at the annual gathering of conservatives in National Harbour, Maryland just outside Washington DC. The gathering gives Take Back a national platform to distribute educational materials on the need to drain the swamp so that Americans once again trust the integrity of every election and trust that once elected these officials will be focused on the good of their constituents.

Anyone who is attending CPAC and wants to meet with Pudner please call the office at 334-329-7258, text 404-606-3163, of email


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