Take Back Regional Chairs & Map Of Regions


The top contact for Take Back Our Republic in each region is the Regional Chair, who focuses on the external development of the organization throughout their region. These leaders include executives of billion+ companies, organizers of fundraisers from the White House to Texas, major Chairs of winning Presidential coalition efforts, owners of talk radio stations and former elected officials.

As peers to leaders in their regions, these Chairs play the invaluable role of facilitating conversations between their peers and the Take Back Our Republic team to advance the efforts primarily through long-term fundraising efforts (money), as well as looking for opportunities to advance Take Back Our Republic’s efforts to achieve the other 4 Ms (media, message and membership). In some cases, a search is ongoing and the “acting” chair is listed, and in other cases, specific Board Members or co-chairs also participate in the monthly planning call.

Region One (South) 

Perry Hooper – Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina

Region Two (Mid-Atlantic) 

Charles Hellwig – Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina

Region Three (RustBelt)

Shelly Sponholz – Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Region Four (Tri-state)

Paul Lichstein (co-chair Joe Murphy) – New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

Region Five (New England)

Jim Rubens (co-chair & Board Member Peter Buckley) – Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine

Region Six (Great Lakes) 

Bryan Posthumus – Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois

Region Seven (Heartland)

Aaron Hedlund (co-chair Vicki Barnes) – Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota

Region Eight (South Central)

Meredith Iler (Advancement Director Whitney Armentor) – Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas

Region Nine (Farmland)

Charles Herbster – Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska

Region Ten (Prairie) 

Ogden Driskill – Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, Utah

Region Eleven (Southwest)

Eddy Aragon (co-chair Lynn Jones) – New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada

Region Twelve (Pacific)

Sarah Bonk (Acting)

(Board Member Sara Bonk along with Board Member Debilyn Molineaux and Board President Francis Johnson leading search for permanent chair) – California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska 


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